Obama Funemployment-Take 2

Tom Joad

Hattip to Ed Morrissey at Hot Air. Back in June I wrote a post noting that the LA Times had written an article describing the upside of unemployment under Obama.  Now the New York Times has gotten into the act with an article here:

“But this year, a different crowd is landing on their doorsteps: bankers, lawyers, accountants, real estate brokers and other highly credentialed professionals, all of whom have been laid off. They are flooding the offices of even the most obscure campaigns, looking for purpose and fighting off the despondency and isolation that come with being unemployed.

“I was getting into kind of a depression, so to be a volunteer for Eduardo is like a medicine for me,” said Maria Guillen of Queens, who lost her $100,000-a-year job as a loan officer in December and is volunteering for the City Council candidate Eduardo Giraldo.

“The contact with other people, the chance to do something different, the learning experience — it can all help you out with your emotions,” she said.

Candidates and campaign managers are amazed at the talented new arrivals — and the intensity and hours they are willing to put in. And while they are cheering for their unemployed helpers to find jobs, they say they would feel a bit bereft without them.

“I’ve been working on campaigns in the city since the ’80s, and the number of full-time volunteers who have the ability to help because they are unemployed — I’ve never seen it at this level before,” said the City Council speaker, Christine C. Quinn, who is running for a third term against two challengers.

“These are folks who come from all walks of life and are all different ages and are incredibly well educated, well trained, successful,” she said. “These are folks who are there from the first thing in the morning until late at night, as opposed to before, when you’d get these folks after work.”

The work is often mundane: Investment research analysts are now making cold calls to voters, and headhunters are handing out leaflets at subway stations and supermarkets.

But the experience, coming at a time of crisis in their lives, has been surprisingly powerful for many of them. Volunteering, they say, restores some of what they lost along with their jobs: a place to go every day, a reason to put on a clean suit, people to work beside, a sense of purpose.”

Other organs of the lamestream media which have produced articles about the up side of unemployment include the San Francisco Weekly, CBS News, the Times Online, and the Courier-Journal.

Hmmm.  We have an official unemployment rate of 9.7% .  The actual unemployment rate, including discouraged workers is estimated to be 16.8%, the highest figure in 26 years.  At this rate the country should be in non-stop party mode by the middle of the coming winter!  Leave it to the fact of Democrats being in charge for journalists to find the bright side of an economic disaster.  The odd thing is that the people I personally know who are unemployed seem to be having no fun at all.  Worry, dismay, some black humor, all of these yes, but no fun.  Well, it is heartening to know that whatever disasters befall the nation under Obama, much of the media will be trying with might and main to have us always look on the bright side of life!

4 Responses to Obama Funemployment-Take 2

  1. Rick Lugari says:

    Reminds me of the crisis during the Reagan years, you know, the homeless. Every night on the news, all the news specials, stories about how unconscionable that there were homeless people living on the street. Apparently all those homeless people got homes when Clinton came in office. Well, all except for those who were still homeless and had to be rounded up and put in abandoned and condemned buildings whenever the Democratic Convention or major sporting events came to town. Now I suppose we’ll hear about how liberating it is to be free from a mortgage, cuz the Obama years are all about hope, change, and freedom.

  2. Donald R. McClarey says:

    Rick, when a Democrat is in the White House, for most members of the media it is always “morning in America”.

  3. Phillip says:

    In my town, NPR ran a stories about how the stimulus was working three days in a row. The bad news was that it was about the same road project. Just told it three different ways. Also didn’t mention that the project was slated to last 90 days and the people employed would be out of work again at the end of that time.

  4. […] par for the course for the Onion.  For a truly hilarious take on the economy I refer you here, here and here for attempts by the media to convince people that under Obama it’s funemployment […]

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