Dad and Daughter and Baseball

MLB lawyers were able to track down and depublish the YouTube video in order to protect the interests of their corporate masters.

No worries, I found another video link which shows the little dad and daughter moment.  Click here.

Saw this late last night and I wanted to share this with our American Catholic readers.

A very touching moment when the little girl throws away the baseball and gets startled by the gasp of the fans.  She quickly turns to daddy and he’s there to give his little girl a big hug of support that it’s alright.

Hope you all can view this before Major League Baseball lawyers take down the YouTube video.

Very nice.

4 Responses to Dad and Daughter and Baseball

  1. Dminor says:

    A cute moment — and Daddy’s hug shows what’s important.

    I also noticed that the Nats were on the short end of the score. Again. :-/

  2. Donald R. McClarey says:

    There is a father with his priorities straight! I bet pop and daughter will treasure this video clip forever.

  3. Latasha says:

    Watching the news today, this was the only positive thing on there….I loved it so much. What a wonderful example of how all parents should be towards their children!

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