Right to Choose: 15 times.

Impossible Motherhood

Irene Villar, self described abortion addict, details in her book Impossible Motherhood her 15 abortions in 16 years.  Read a story on the book here.  The story is a prize example of mainstream media treatment of abortion.  Obviously Villar has psychological problems according to the story, but the right to abortion is sacred and must be protected.

Irene Vilar worries that her self-described “abortion addiction” will be misunderstood, twisted by the pro-life movement to deny women the right to choose.

Of course Villar is merely the abortion rights movement taken to an extreme.  Children in the womb are completely disposable for any or no reason.  There is nothing wrong with a woman having 15 abortions except for the impact upon her.

The blurb on the book states that “today, Vilar is the mother of two beautiful children”. Wrong.  She is the mother of 17 beautiful children, two of whom survive.

A wonderful resource for women who have been through abortions is Project Rachel.

In Ramah is heard the sound of moaning,
of bitter weeping!
Rachel mourns her children,
she refuses to be consoled
because her children are no more.

Thus says the LORD:
Cease your cries of mourning,
wipe the tears from your eyes.
The sorrow you have shown shall have its reward…
There is hope for your future.

5 Responses to Right to Choose: 15 times.

  1. cminor says:

    Gosh, how sad. What a sick situation she seems to have been in.

    It’s really too bad she seems to still see pro-lifers as the enemy, because publishing this will not curry her any favor with the opposition. That and she’s probably still got quite a lot of healing left to do and I’m not optimistic that she’ll find that in the pro-abortion camp.

    From the story you cited:
    “An American Psychological Association task force concluded that mental health problems are ‘not a direct result’ of choosing to have one abortion.”

    So how many does a woman need to have before it affects her (or before her behavior is considered abnormal?) Three? Ten? Two or more in one year? Or are they trying to pretend that fifteen abortions in one woman’s lifetime might be OK? There are no lack of psychologically damaged women out there; the APA needs to get its head out of the sand or it may find itself facing disaster.

  2. cminor says:

    And of course, the solution touted is always “promote and teach better contraceptive use.” As if a young university woman and a middle-aged academian couldn’t have figured that out themselves had they so desired.

  3. Elaine Krewer says:

    Years ago I talked to a priest who was involved in Project Rachel counseling. He also worked with recovering alcoholics and people with other addictions.

    If you are familiar with the 12 Steps of AA, you know that the 5th Step is “admitting to God, to oneself, and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs.” Many Catholics in AA use sacramental confession to do this.

    Anyway, this priest said that of all the women alcoholics and drug addicts who came to him for their 5th Step, 95 percent (that’s right, 95 percent) had had abortions in their past, and often more than one. He said it was a vicious cycle for many of them — woman gets pregnant, has abortion, uses alcohol, drugs and/or promiscuous sex to drown her pain and sorrow, which causes her to get pregnant again, and have another abortion, etc. etc.

    It does not surprise me at all that repeat abortions and addiction would go hand in hand. This woman urgently needs prayers and help.

  4. lslars31 says:

    Ive only had one really rude comment. I was eating at work and some guy (whose wife was also pregnant) said you should be eating healthy food when youre pregnant. I was eating fish stir fry, no fat anywhere to be seen. Plus it was totally none of his business even if I had been eating a Big Mac. I guess he was just stupid as well as rude.

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