Pittsburgh Summit Insights

The always informative Dr. Boli provides an installment of his astonishing Encyclopedia of Misinformation (Diderot, eat your heart out!) bringing you up to date on some important world facts in regards to the G-20 summit. Kindly be informed:

…Australia. In an Australian sink, water spirals up from the drain and is evacuated through the spigot.

China. If Pittsburgh proves a successful venue, President Hu plans to have the city crated and moved to Yunnan province as a regional conference center.

France. President Sarkhozy never travels to North America without his mascot, a badger named Alphonse.

Mexico. President Calderón was detained briefly by airport security after reportedly threatening to punch the next person who asked him about the Maya calendar.

Russia. As part of a recent economic-reform package, the Russian government is now operated on a for-profit basis by IKEA of Sweden.

South Korea. It is reported that the South Korean delegation will not sign any agreement unless the United States promises to increase its consumption of mediocre pianos.

For enlightening insider information on Canada, the US, EU, Indonesia, and others, it is needful that you should read the whole thing.

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  1. S.B. says:

    That guy is a comic genius; he’s so diverse and yet so consistently witty.

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