Red Skelton: Pledge of Allegiance

One of the forgotten geniuses of American comedy, Red Skelton.  Skelton rose out of abject poverty to become one of the great comedians of his time.  As the above video indicates Skelton also had his serious side.  A remembrance of better times when students pledged allegiance to the country rather than chanting hymns of praise for a living politician.

4 Responses to Red Skelton: Pledge of Allegiance

  1. Al says:

    Not forgotten by all.Still a fan of his.

    Also: KGRR-FM brings this out every so often.

  2. I remember watching this show when I was kid; I was 7 in 1969.

  3. A buddy of mine saw one of his last shows. He kept the audience in stitches for over two hours without using ANY profanity. What a class act. May he rest in peace!

  4. […] 1957 comedian Red Skelton was on top of the world.  His weekly comedy show on CBS was doing well.  He had  curtailed the […]

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