Hollywood Knows Best

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A humorous rejoinder to this video featuring Will Ferrell and other left wing (isn’t that almost a job requirement?) celebrities ridiculing opponents of ObamaCare.

Considering the number of Hollywood celebs who have rallied behind child rapist Roman Polanski, this might not be the best time for the glitterati to attempt to enlighten the rest of us.  Well, Mr. Ferrell will at least have the consolation that more people may end up seeing his political video than saw him  in his Land of the Lost stinkeroo.

Update I: Another video response to Will Ferrell and co.

6 Responses to Hollywood Knows Best

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  2. American Knight says:

    The response vidoe was great. Holyweird insults us even with the ‘art’ that we by from them. They are so out of touch with reality even though all their giving us these days is ‘reality TV’. It is obvious from TV that half of America engages in homosexual activity, or we are importing them at unprecedented levels (they probably come for the health care!). Now the Congressional critters are doing the same – The Republican plan is for yout die quickly! Come on, who beleive that?

    Given their logical and righteous defense of a pedophile-rapist they may have gone too far.

    Of course we are the idiots that keep buying their swill so maybe we are just as sick as they are.

    The moral demise of a people always precedes their ultimate demise.

  3. c matt says:

    Was the first video done by professional actors as well? They were actually better than Feral and company.

  4. Tito Edwards says:

    Funny and mockingly appropriate for Will Farrell and his cohorts to chew on.

    Great catch Donald!

  5. restrainedradical says:

    I like it but a firefighter, a police officer, and a veteran arguing against government services? A response video to that response video would be too easy.

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