American Catholic: One Year Retrospective

As Donald noted yesterday, it’s been a year since we started here at The American Catholic. I know we’ve all been pleased both at the quality of the writing from the team as a whole, and also from the interest from our readers.

Looking back over the last year, we put together a list of some of the our favorite posts.

A Can of Worms: In Praise of the Latin Mass Joe Hargrave

Apologia Pro Libertarianism Sua Blackadder

Are Pro-Lifers Stuck with the Republican Party? John Henry

Becoming A Father, A Polical Manifesto Tim Shipe

Catholic Chaplains Series Donald McClarey

Catholic Teachings on Economic Life Eric Brown

Catholics Teaching, Homosexuality and American Life Eric Brown

Cocaine, Cardinal Ocampo, and the Drug Wars Tito Edwards

Delayed Adulthood, Preliminary Thoughts Joe Hargrave

Don’t Adulterate the Adultery Ryan Harkins

Fides Quaerens Intellectum Eric Brown

Generations & American Catholicism John Henry

Moral Simpletons Joe Hargrave

Nationalism and the Problems of the Middle East DarwinCatholic

Partisanship and Empty Rhetoric Ryan Harkins

Pro-Life Movement: Democrats Need Not Apply Tim Shipe

Redistribution of Wealth: A Catholic Perspective Joe Hargrave

Send Me Your Poor DarwinCatholic

Should Catholics Own Guns? Ryan Harkins

Socialism, Catholicism and the Common Good John Henry

Staying Rooted in Parish Life DarwinCatholic

The Old School Date Tim Shipe

The Poor You Will Always Have With You Ryan Harkins

The Vatican’s Rifles DarwinCatholic

Uncomfortable Thoughts on the Declaration Blackadder

Were the Apostles Socialists? Blackadder

Women Priests in the Catholic Church Eric Brown

5 Responses to American Catholic: One Year Retrospective

  1. Jay Anderson says:


    You left out arguably the most infamous thread in the history of this blog – “Kudos to Chris Smith”:


  2. jonathanjones02 says:

    Kudos to all! Keep it up.

  3. e. says:

    Please write more multi-themed posts just like “Kudos to Chris Smith” aka “How Morning Minion is a Thomas More-Hating S.O.B. (if only More was a Pro-Abort politico, he might’ve been proclaimed a ‘Catholic Saint’ even by the infallible M.M.)” aka “The Many Ways Dorothy Day is (Mis-)Interpreted” aka “What is Anarchy?” aka “Oscar Romero: Heretic or Hero?” aka “Tito Taco: Anti-Catholic Fiction or Catholic Fact?” aka “Was Tolkien Anarchist?”…

  4. Jay Anderson says:

    Yeah, that post was awesome.


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