Saturday Night Live on Nobel Peace Prize Award

Fairly gentle satire of the Nobel Peace Prize award to President Obama, although they do get to the only reason for the award:  Obama is not George Bush.   With the satire of a done-nothing presidency last week, Saturday Night Live is helping to inaugurate a new phase in the Obama saga, one in which he can no longer assume that comics will treat him as off-limits simply because of their usually leftist political sympathies.

3 Responses to Saturday Night Live on Nobel Peace Prize Award

  1. They seem to not want CNN to fact check the skit! Now, if CNN would fact check, the Nobel prize committee…

  2. R.C. says:

    Fairly gentle, yes. I think I felt the brush of a feather on my cheek, as the opportunity to be really and deservedly funny winged its way past both me, and the SNL writers.

  3. Tito Edwards says:

    This is the worst impersonation of a president ever on SNL.

    I don’t see the effort on the part of Fred Armisen of pulling it off. Will Farrell as Bush set the standard and Fred falls far short. Execution is (almost) everything and Fred just can’t pull it off. They need someone else because if they continue with him, unless he gets a comedic talent transplant, the SNL will have another bad season.

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