Vista Users Rejoice!

With the release of Windows 7, we PC users can only hope that Gates & Co got it right this time and that we can kick Vista, the worst computer operating system devised by fallen man, to the gutter.  Here is a good article setting forth some of the more annoying features of Vista, and here is an article which explains why Vista never was accepted by many PC owners.  Windows 7 seems to be getting good reviews from the testers, but we will all be able to find out on our own soon enough.

However, as Blimp TV explains in the video below (Content Advisory:  Some harsh language no doubt induced by Vista Rage.) Microsoft had a method behind their madness in releasing a product as defective on launch as Vista.


 Apparently even Hitler had problems with Vista.  (Content advisory:  the language is very rough, but what else can be expected of Hitler.) (As a sidenote, I enjoy these Hitler parodies on the net.  The late Werner Klemperer, a German Jewish refugee who played Colonel Klink in the Hogan Heroes series, when asked how he could play a Nazi, said that he would go to his grave happy knowing that he caused people to laugh at the Nazis.  Being laughed at throughout history is the worst fate that the ever self-important murderous Austrian corporal could ever have envisaged.  Charlie Chaplin in The Great Dictator had the right idea.)


9 Responses to Vista Users Rejoice!

  1. Elaine Krewer says:

    That’s why I’m a Mac gal… Apple recently released a new OS called Snow Leopard; anyone out there tried it?

  2. davis says:

    love the line “even Hitler had problems with Vista”

  3. American Knight says:

    Hitler was also a eugenicist and the Gates family is a very pro “population control” family. Makes you think. Unfortunately Apple supports so-called “gay marriage”. It is becoming increasingly difficult to purchase from companies that are not engaged in political agendas that are against Church teaching.

    On the bright side – I never got Vista and heard nothing good about it. I’m glad that MS responded to consumers and ‘fixed the glitch’. I wonder if anyone is amazed at how in a (relatively)free market the consumer is the ultimate arbiter of what gets produced. Sadly the American consumer isn’t so concerned with products being made here in the USA and by companies that are not if favor of killing babies or endorsing same-sex families.

  4. Elaine Krewer says:

    “Sadly the American consumer isn’t so concerned with products being made here in the USA and by companies that are not in favor of killing babies or endorsing same-sex families.”

    So what are we supposed to do Knight… toss out our computers and shut down this blog until a new Bill Gates- or Steve Jobs-like computer genius who also happens to be a devout Catholic and 100 percent pro-life comes along to start a new company? Good luck with that.

  5. Joe Hargrave says:

    I’m going to have to agree with Elaine on this one… what can you do?

    I never had this operating system issue. I keep the one I have on the computer I buy until I buy I a new computer. I’ve never once upgraded operating systems. I have Vista on my laptop and it’s worked out for me fairly well.

  6. Anthony says:

    Haven’t tried Snow Leopard yet. No rush, since it was more of a streamlining update.

    I’ve had two great ‘conversions’ in my life. The first was to a Mac. 🙂

  7. American Knight says:

    I wasn’t suggesting a boycott of computers. I was merely lamenting the situation. We would not be engaged in this discourse if I wasn’t running Windows XP on my Gateway PC. I am also not suggesting that we are cooperating with evil by purchasing products made by companies that have intentions contradictory to our faith. Of course, if there was a viable alternative it would be incumbent on us to use it. I don’t think there is and that is what makes me sad.

    Were we as a people more faithful then we would have a better option. I hope I didn’t intimate that I expected someone to do soemthing about computer operating systems. We have to pick our battles. I think our battle is to ensure that our government stops sanctioning and these days promoting the evil of child murder through pregnancy abortion. When we succeed in that and also convincing our American culture to become a culture of life then it goes to follow that creative human beings will develop PC operating systems that are not only superior to what we have now but also companies that do not promote the horror of abortion or the destruction of the traditional family.

    Joe, I too do not upgrade my OS; however, I have refrained from purchasing a new machine in order to avoid Vista or paying for the downgrade to Windows XP. Perhaps when 7 is released and the reports are favorable then I may purchase a new machine with the new OS and while I know that I am supporting the profits of a man who is opposed to my beleifs I will still make the purchase because the benefits of a computer enable me to do more good (God willing) then my contribution to Gates’ evil actions in ratio.

    Please forgive me if my post was poorly worded.

  8. Elaine Krewer says:

    Speaking of Hitler’s problems with Vista, there is now a You Tube channel devoted entirely to parodies of this scene from “Downfall”… most of them depict Hitler either 1) ranting about the shortcomings of some video or online gaming system, or 2) as a current political figure ranting about a recent defeat or setback.

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