It’s A Depression, Thus Sayeth The Veep

During these dismal economic days, we can always rely upon the  comic stylings of Joe Biden to raise our morale, just as the American public during Depression I looked to the Three Stooges for comic relief.  I assume Jolly Joe in the above video was thinking of  the old Reagan line from Reagan’s 1980 campaign for President:  “A Recession is when your neighbor loses his job.  A Depression is when you lose your job.  A Recovery is when Jimmy Carter loses his!”  Needless to say, the brighter lights in the Administration were reaching for extra strength pain relief as they saw the human gaffe machine use the “D” word, especially since they have been attempting to convince a sceptical public that the recession  is ending.

What makes this especially hilarious is that Newsweek, the unofficial house organ of the Obama administration, ran a puff piece on Biden last week entitled “Why Joe is No Joke” .  Hint Joe, when you are a politician and one of the most sycophanic press journals on your side runs a story arguing that you are not a joke, that is most definitely not a good sign.

 As to the substance of his remarks, all I can say is that I am doing more bankruptcies and foreclosures than I have ever done in my 27 years at the bar.  This is the worst business environment I have witnessed in my life time and every business man and woman I have encountered in the past year say the same thing, except for those few who were children during the Great Depression.  Cold comfort that this is “merely” the worst post war recession and not yet Great Depression II.


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13 Responses to It’s A Depression, Thus Sayeth The Veep

  1. Elaine Krewer says:

    “We can always rely upon the comic stylings of Joe Biden to raise our morale, just as the American public during Depression I looked to the Three Stooges for comic relief.”

    Remember a few months ago when we were speculating on who the Third Illinois Stooge might be to go with Blago and Burris? Looks like the great state of Delaware stepped up to fill the gap — thank you very much Delawareans 🙂

    Blago, Burris, and Biden…it even kinda rhymes with Moe, Larry, and Curly!

  2. Anthony says:

    Wait, am I supposed to be tickled at Biden for actually slipping out the truth? It is a depression and its not going away. Man, I’d love it if the Administration actually admitted reality.

  3. Art Deco says:

    C’mon Anthony. ‘Not going away’ on what time scale?

    The decline in per capita income over the last year or so has been on the order of 4-5%. That during the period from the fall of 1929 to the spring of 1933 was on the order of 30%. We have a ways to go ‘ere we can be said to be suffering adjustments on the scale people did during the Depression.

    No one is certain at this point whether production levels have stabilized or whether there will be a secondary contraction brought on by renewed stress on the banks (as leases on commercial real estate contracted after 2003 expire) or by a currency crisis (given the ratio of public sector borrowing to domestic savings).

    The tax increases necessary to balance the public books will likely put a drag on economic growth for a couple of business cycles, even if nothing acutely disagreeable happens over that time. The situation is bad enough without overstating matters.

  4. Anthony says:

    Nah. Its a depression.

  5. BaltoCath says:

    Just another in a long line of VPs who were best kept a closet and brought out for state functions only.

  6. Christine says:

    I’m just waiting for him to mis-spell tomato during a photo-op with school children. LOL

    God bless our poor doofus Veep.

  7. theoldsilly says:

    Ha! Loved this. Just wish the overall effects of this administration were half as funny and a billions times less scary. Hey you want to catch some frightening stuff Obama is up to, catch my post tomorrow. Are you aware of the “Climate Debt Treaty” Obama is scheduled to sign in Denmark next month? Effectively signing away our sovereignty as a free nation and subjugating it to the New World Order?

    Like you blog – I’ll be back.

    Marvin D Wilson

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