Year In Review Of The American Catholic

We here at the American Catholic are celebrating our one year anniversary by reflecting on our favorite posts of the last 12 months.

Today it is my turn to contribute my favorite postings.


What Is An American Catholic – Zach

The Scary Thing Is: We Really Mean It – DarwinCatholic

Fr. Emery of the 10th Tennessee Regiment – Donald McClarey

Being Reasonable Doesn’t Always Work – Chris Burgwald

Moloch: A Call for a More Sensitive Reappraisal – David Curp

Preferential Option For The Middle Class? – Darwin

Did the U.S. Commit “Terrorism” in Syria? – Christopher Blosser

On These Slippery Slopes – Ryan Harkins

Send Me Your Poor… – DarwinCatholic

Topic A (Abortion) – DarwinCatholic

Catholic Teaching, Homosexuality, and Life – Eric Brown

Sex, the Fall, and the Resurrection – Ryan Harkins

As Long as Nobody Gets Hurt – Ryan Harkins

Remembering Thomas Merton – Christopher Blosser

In Praise of Saint Joseph – Walter

Torture – Christopher Blosser

Can The Seamless Garment Be Rediscovered? – Eric Brown

Catholic Social Thought & Environmental Stewardship – Eric Brown

I’ll Take Her On A Test Drive – Ryan Harkins

Catholics, The 2nd Amendment, & Subsidiarity – DarwinCatholic

The Real Sadness of Notre Dame – Rusty Tisdale

U.S. and Empire – DarwinCatholic

Remember Catholics For Kerry? – Donald R. McClarey

Margaret Sanger and the Klan – Donald R. McClarey

Obama’s New Politics and Abortion – DarwinCatholic

Now This Is An Archbishop! – Donald R. McClarey

Socialism, Catholicism, And The Common Good – John Henry

Sad Days For the Legionnaires & Regnum Christi – John Henry

The Poor You Will Always Have With You – Ryan Harkins

The Seamless Garment: Human Trafficking – Eric Brown

Redistribution Of Wealth: A Catholic Perspective – Tim Shipe

Clout And Catholic Education – Elaine Krewer

A Can Of Worms: In Praise Of The Latin Mass – Joe Hargrave

Father Cyclone And The Fighting 69th – Donald R. McClarey

Were The Apostles Socialists? – Blackadder

Great Jesuit: Chaplain Of The Excelsior Brigade – Donald R. McClarey

Delayed Adulthood: Preliminary Thoughts – Joe Hargrave

“Objectivism” – Christopher Blosser

Believe me, the list could be longer!

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