Boycott Upcoming Catholic Campaign for Human Development Collection


There is a coalition of Catholic organizations that have formed that will be pushing for a nationwide boycott of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) called REFORM The Catholic Campaign For Human Development with a website.  The Sunday before Thanksgiving a collection is done by many parishes for CCHD.  Instead of donating money to an organization that is diametrically opposed to many teachings of the Catholic Church, submit the coupon that is at the top of this posting.

You can also download a PDF file and print it out yourself here.

The many scandals that the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) never ceases to amaze.  It’s been well documented how insidious and diabolical CCHD is from funding ACORN to funding abortions.

Why did it take FOX News to blow ACORN’s evil deception?  Instead the CCHD and the USCCB deliberately ignored the many Catholics that told them about this scandal for many years prior to this.  Now that the USCCB/CCHD has been inconvenienced with bad public relations they finally cut them off.  Well CCHD still funds many organizations that that are diametrically opposed to the central tenants of the Catholic Church.  Here is a short list of what and who they fund:

  1. Funding Abortions.
  2. Funding Same-Sex Marriage Initiatives.
  3. Promoting Marxism.
  4. Promoting and Participating in Violence.
  5. Ties with Saul Alinsky, an anarchist and anti-American.
  6. Promotes and Funds Prostitution.
  7. Funds and Promotes Racism (La Raza).

It’s time to boycott the CCHD.  Bishop Roger Morin of Biloxi, Mississippi, heads the CCHD and he should do the Christian thing and disband the entire enterprise all together.  Though I doubt that would happen since after defunding ACORN he still defended ACORN as a fine organization.  So we’ll need prayers for him to learn about his Catholic faith and see the evil that CCHD does.


For REFORM The Catholic Campaign For Human Development website,, click here.

To see excellent well documented evidence of the many years that the CCHD has gone against many of the teachings of the Catholic Church done by Bellarmine Veritas Ministry’s click here.

To read Deal W. Hudson’s excellent article documenting the many abuses of CCHD at the Inside Blog titled, More Proof the Catholic Campaign for Human Development Should Be Eliminated, click here.

To read an excellent synopsis of REFORM by titled, New Coalition Calling on Catholics To Boycott Upcoming CCHD Collection, click here.

To read a very good article by Matthew Vadum of Human Events titled, Left-Wing Radicalism in the Church: CCHD and ACORN, click here.

To read The American Catholic’s Christopher Blosser excellent article on this click here.

To read The American Catholic’s Donald R. McClarey views on this click here.

20 Responses to Boycott Upcoming Catholic Campaign for Human Development Collection

  1. The Catholic Media Coalition has a two-minute YouTube video about CCHD that is a quick and easy way to warn Catholics about the collection. Pass it on.

  2. daledog says:

    I first learned of CCHD’s shennanigans after last year’s elections. I could have vomitted. We truly are our own worst enemies. I felt like leaving the Church, except there is no where better to go. These dopey bishops and priests who crave worldly acceptance are a terrible problem. I will print out a thousand of these coupons and start passing them out today.

  3. Tito Edwards says:


    I intend to do the same at the more orthodox parishes.

  4. daledog says:

    Another beaut involving the Archdiocese of Chicago.

  5. Donna V. says:

    Dear me, I’ve given to them in the past, vaguely supposing I was helping to feed and clothe the poor.
    Thank you for the tip.

    I am feeling a bit disheartened today. It’s bad enough that I no longer trust many secular institutions – the media and the people of both parties who supposedly represent my interests in DC – I have to bring that mistrust to Mass with me. I can’t trust that money given in a second collection will be used for good purposes. It’s very depressing.

  6. Donna V. says:

    Didn’t Jesus have something to say about making His Father’s House into a den of thieves?

  7. hank says:

    I regret to say ican’t join the boycot.

    When a discussion of this group came up 10 or 15 yeras ago, just ignoring the accuations, the explantiohs provided by its supporters were so lame I decided I would rather give to other organazitions that at least promised to do somethng useful.

  8. Tito Edwards says:


    You can’t join the boycott, yet you give to other organizations that are not CCHD?

    OK, did I miss something or did you mistype?

  9. AKL says:

    I’m wondering if Hank quite understands what a boycott is. I’m guessing, from his comments, that he thinks it means ‘supporting’ a group.

  10. AKL says:

    Or perhaps he can’t BEGIN boycotting because he already started 10 years ago.

  11. hank says:

    AKL’s second comment has it.

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  15. Maria del Rosario Chaves says:

    We must not give to those organizations that are utilizing the money to do things that are against our believes and teachings.

  16. Paul Amrhein says:

    I have served on a committee for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development. It is an outstanding organization from local committees to national. There are many checks and balances that insure Catholic teachings are upheld. They focus on de-institutionalizing poverty hence their slogan of a hand up rather than a hand out. I quadrupled my giving to them this past year and invite others to find out the truth and trust their money can find no better charity.

  17. Tito Edwards says:

    Paul A.,

    You and your cohorts are going to have to donate more than 4x the amount next year in your cooperation with evil.

    The more of a bright spotlight we put on CCHD, the more the cockroaches will finally be stamped out of it.

  18. Paul said, “I…invite others to find out the truth and trust their money can find no better charity.”

    This is no doubt absolutely true if you are a pro-abortion, pro-homosexual leftwing liberal. Congratulations to the CCHD for pulling the wool over the eyes of faithful Catholics for so long.

  19. Most devout Catholics would never knowingly support pro-abortion groups.

    Yet on November 21st, many Catholics throughout the Arlington Diocese will unwittingly donate to organizations that promote abortion, homosexual marriage, and contraception.

    That is because, despite the extensive publicity regarding CCHD’s funding of questionable groups, Bishop Paul S. Loverde of the Diocese of Arlington plans to go forward with the collection next month for CCHD.

    Most people already know that CCHD gave millions of dollars to ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) before news of ACORN’s scandalous activities made national headlines. However, many people are not aware that CCHD continues to fund dozens of similar groups that promote abortion, contraception, homosexual marriage and other activities that are in direct conflict with Church teachings.

    Hundreds of parishioners have already urged Bishop Loverde to withdraw his support of CCHD by signing the Prayerful Petition found at We remain hopeful that Bishop Loverde will join other American bishops who have already withdrawn their support for CCHD.


    Jeffrey E. Knight

    466 Long Mountain Road
    Washington, VA 22747

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