The Attorney General Hates This Ad

Attorney General Eric Holder asked former DC Councilman Kevin Chavous to kill this ad, according to Chavous.  An odd request from the Attorney General one would think.  However, I can appreciate the concern of the AG about this ad.  DC public schools are some of the worst in the country, chaotic and violent.  This school voucher program, which I discussed in a prior post here,  gives a few kids a chance to get out of this mess.  Who could be against the program?  Obama of course.  He, and most Democrat elected officials, are owned body and soul by the teachers’ union, the NEA, and Obama and his colleagues would sooner eat ground glass  rather than allow kids through vouchers to escape from the dysfunctional and dangerous public schools that infest much of inner city urban America.  I am sure they regret that kids suffer as a result, but such is their political reality.  Needless to say, Obama of course would never send his daughters to public schools in DC, and I applaud his parental decision while I condemn his heartlessness in preventing other, less wealthy, parents from having the same option for their kids.


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  2. Gabriel Austin says:

    Do as I say, not as I do.

    What’s new?

  3. daledog says:

    ‘We losing several generations of kids.’
    Translation: Someone besides me has done something bad and I’m here to point that out.

    ‘Something has to be done.’
    Translation: Somebody has to stick their neck out and do the right thing. That somebody will not be me.

    More accurately:
    ‘I’m losing several generations of kids. I refuse to do anything because it’s politically risky.’

  4. daledog says:

    Mr. Chavous,
    Why are you a life-long democrat? Why do you support our president? His policies are against the human spirit. Babies in the womb stuggling to join the human family are snuffed out. Kids who survived the abortionist’s vacuum are condemned to awful schools. People who have managed to get a decent education are taxed to death to support other death. After living a productive, law-abiding, and positive life, you are urged to die as soon as possible to make room for the next cog in the machine. Mr. Chavous, I dare say the blind loyalty of idiots like you are a major part of the problem you now face.

  5. Donna V. says:

    Daledog: there is no way anybody but a Democrat can get elected in DC.

    Mayor Barry was neck-deep in slime and corruption and still got reelected – because people in DC could not bring themselves to vote for a woman with an “R” after her name. (That she was white didn’t help either.)

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