“Hope and Change” Lizards Are Here!

If I can tear myself from the election results tonight, I plan on watching the pilot of the new V series on ABC which will premier at 7:00 PM central tonight.  I wrote about this new V series here in a post last May, a remake of a cheesy, yet entertaining, alien invasion show from the Eighties.

Here is a promo where “Anna”, the spokeslizard, promises health care.

Here we have the visitors portrayed as bearers of hope and perhaps the saviors of mankind.

Aliens promising hope and health care!  What could possibly go wrong?

Update: Good article here in the Chicago Tribune:  V Takes Aim At ObamaMania.

4 Responses to “Hope and Change” Lizards Are Here!

  1. American Knight says:

    That V looks suspicously like an O.

    Can’t they come up with anything new. I enjoyed 80s TV but aren’t we in a new millenium. Hollywierd is overwhelmingly Progressive, yet they can’t seem to create anything new. Remaking shows from the era that introduced the VCR, odd? Is that irony or stupidity?

    I admit I’ll watch out of curioustiy I just hope that I don’t change and all of a sudden crave free health-care, undefined change and a tasty live rat.

  2. Tito Edwards says:

    I’m hooked for at least one episode.

  3. Pinky says:

    I’ve seen some conservative bloggers pick up on the same point. It sort of surprised me that I didn’t see anything about the negative Obama analogy in the show Kings. For those millions who didn’t watch it, there was a character named Michelle who was idealistic but not awfully bright, who championed causes like health care and green energy, but she couldn’t ever get things to work right.

  4. e. says:

    I think if the show “Kings” progressed, it would’ve undoubtedly presented the Obama platform in the character of Michelle, which, if you saw the latter episodes, were reaching that sort of conclusion as David himself appeared to concur with much of her ideas (well, it kinda helped that she was his GF, too, with whom he subsequently had child).

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