The Good News

I know that some of my fellow contributors and some of our regular readers are dismayed with the passage of “Obamacare”, or if you like, health care reform, by the House of Representatives. Personally, I think the bill could have been better in a number of ways, but I don’t want to get into all of that now.

The good news is, whether one supports or opposes the House bill, the Stupak amendment preventing federal funding of abortion passed. Already some are predicting its demise as as the bill moves to the Senate, but again, this is besides the point I want to make.

The main reason this is good news in my view is that it demonstrates the seriousness with which the pro-life movement must be taken by the political leaders of our nation. Pro-abortion activists are outraged with the passage of the Stupak amendment, citing it as a “step backwards.” I wholeheartedly agree: it is a major step backwards for the Culture of Death, and a significant advance for the Culture of Life.

The unborn human being may not be recognized as a valuable being by the law – yet. But the advocates of the unborn have shown that they have the power to make or break the most important piece of legislation of the entire year, that they cannot be ignored, and that the cause for which they fight is not forgotten. In my view this is excellent news.

And I think the pressure that grassroots and professional pro-life activists and organizations has paid off in a big way – those folks derided as “extremists” loons and nuts not only by our political and moral enemies, but by some of those who call themselves “pro-life” as well. Those nuts and loons did the hard, dirty work whose benefits all in the pro-life camp will bask in.

So even if you were dead set against the bill that passed tonight in the House, if you are pro-life, there is a silver lining. The “sexual revolution” is on the ropes, and the Culture of Life is on the march. Pro-life Americans who may have been despairing can now see that there is still yet some hope.  Let us pray that the momentum of this victory carries over into future victories.

10 Responses to The Good News

  1. Kathy says:

    That amendment can be removed before the entire process is finished.

  2. ron chandonia says:

    I agree that passing this amendment was a triumph, even if a small triumph, for pro-lifers. It has been very discouraging to read pro-Obama Catholic blogs claiming that the right-to-life movement is on its last legs because of its failure to compromise with the culture of death. Pelosi and her minions put out plenty of CYA proposals before they finally agreed to put Stupak to a vote, and it was heartening to listen to one lawmaker after another last night standing up to her and defending the right to life as the will of a political majority in this country.

  3. Steve says:

    The amendment will be removed. This is to give cover to the Dems so they can say they voted against abortion inclusion.

    I the end, the Stupak Amendment will turn out to be a loss because it made it possible for the bill to pass.

  4. Joe Hargrave says:


    Those bloggers have invented a story they want to be true. While I think the influence of the Culture of Death remains strong in the average person’s day-to-day living, I also believe that the actual pro-abortion movement is a floundering, reactionary joke, while the pro-life movement is inspiring more young people, minorities, and women especially.

  5. Steve says:

    Joe, I think you’re right, but here’s what I fear: It seems to me as though the pro-life movement is changing hearts and minds more quickly than it ever has in these last 40 years. But it also seems to me that we’re in a race against time to finish the victory before the autocrats institutionalize free abortion on demand without restrictions as a fixture in this country.

  6. Paul Ofoha says:

    I think the poor deserve this reform. The rich does not understand what the poor go through. I live with them everyday. And I know their predicaments. If the Senate loves those who sent there, the must follow the House of Representative’s example. I am happy that no money goes for abortion. Insurance is all about saving life. We cannot profess pro-life and refuse or go against what would save life for the people.

    Let us live the truth in love. Eph. 4:5.

    Paul Ofoha

  7. Steve says:


    I appreciate what you say. And I am only one person.

    But I am a poorish person who can’t afford health care. And I in no way deserve this government handout, nor do I want it.


  8. Tito Edwards says:


    I ditto Steve,

    I am dirt poor and I don’t deserve this either.

    My parish helps me in more ways than one.

    This bill, if it passes, violates the rule of subsidiarity.

    Why bother donating money to charities if you’re having the government due it at the expense of using “other” peoples money.

  9. jh says:

    I very muc agree with you Joe

  10. Dale Price says:

    A victory is a victory is a victory. I’m going to dissent slightly, though, on whether this will be so cavalierly stripped out in conference.

    Of course, they *can* do so. But nobody’s going to buy a dodge if it’s done and those who voted in favor of the Stupak Amendment suddenly tuck tail and vote in favor of the bill with it stripped out.

    It passed by 220-215. The whips had to flog reluctant Dems like rented mules to get a three vote cushion. We know for a fact that the Stupak Amendment was the only reason Cao voted in favor. If it goes, Pelosi has a two-vote margin *at best.* Count on her losing that margin if Stupak is gone.

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