What’s the Matter with Washington?

40 “progressive” Democrats in the House of Representatives have sent a letter to Nancy Pelosi vowing to vote “no” on health care reform the next time around if the Stupak amendment is not stripped from the bill.

Remember all of those commentaries after the 2004 elections deriding conservative voters for placing their “values” ahead of self-interest? All over the country “progressives” asked “What’s the Matter With Kansas?” to get to the bottom of the matter.

I think what we are obviously seeing now is, at least from the standpoint of the American public that supports the current health care reform effort, a group of legislators who are irrationally placing their most deeply held moral and spiritual values ahead of – not their own self-interest, since they have money – but the interest of the people who sent them to office.

I have long believed that abortion is the most important sacrament in the religion of secular humanism. In their own language the sexual revolutionaries and the radical feminists have declared it the cornerstone of women’s liberation (and as I have argued, men’s “liberation” from parental responsibility as well). The idea of having to take responsibility for sexual behavior is almost like being sent to hell. Thus the importance of this sacrament. For a materialist-hedonist, it is the gateway to salvation.

But I wonder if all of those Democratic voters who were counting on health care reform will see it the same way if the bill does come back to the House with the Stupak amendment in-tact.

2 Responses to What’s the Matter with Washington?

  1. Sydney Carton says:

    It won’t come back with that Amendment in there. And if the pro-life Dems try to make a fuss about it, they’ll be told to sit tight and not derail the Greatest Law Ever To Pass Congress Since Social Security Rescued Your GrandParents Act of 2009.

    They’ll be told that they can try to amend the law next year. Of course, by that time, Planned Parenthood will be lobbying for expanded payments to insurance coverage for abortion….

  2. American Knight says:

    These are just symptoms of the ancient war between life and death.

    Of course putting it in such stark terms upsets people’s sensibilities, but it is that simple. Those who are given over to the devil or their own disordered passions will seek murder and eventually suicide. Sacrificing virgins has always been a favorite in evil consecrations. What is more virginal than an unborn child?

    Murder the innocent and ‘free’ yourself to give in to every base bodily pleasure and you will eventually want to kill yourself with AIDS, drugs or auto-erotic asphyxia. This nation is about to commit suicide.

    We can win this and I hope and pray we will. The Left did not want this ‘moral imperative’ to give ‘free’ health care to all to be derailed by the inconveniece of breaking a few eggs (read: killing a few punishments for illicit sex). We must make this an indictment on their agenda of death. Most people in this country, pagan as we are, will not support the murder of the innocent.

    Mater Dei, ora pro nobis.

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