Where Your CCHD Donations Go To

Today most of your parishes will be collecting for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD).  Donald, Christopher, and I have written over and over again of where the money actually goes to, funding for abortions being the most grevious of the lot.

So think twice before donating anything.

(Biretta Tip: Paul Nichols)

4 Responses to Where Your CCHD Donations Go To

  1. daledog says:

    I submitted the coupon you posted weeks ago in my envelop. I felt so subservsive and I loved it. I’m thinking about submitting this coupon for the next few weeks just to hammer the point home.

  2. American Knight says:

    I submitted the coupon. I toyed with the idea that I was being disobedient. That lasted about 45 seconds.

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