The Bishop’s Wife

As we get closer to Christmas I am going to do a few posts on some of the more obscure Christmas movies I have enjoyed.  First up is The Bishop’s Wife from 1947.    David Niven is an Episcopalian Bishop of a struggling diocese;  Loretta Young (ironically one of the more devout Catholics in the Hollywood of her time) is his wife;  and Cary Grant is Dudley, one of the more unimportant angels in Heaven, sent by God to lend the Bishop a hand.  The film is a graceful comedy which effectively and quietly underlines the central importance of faith in God as we see in this little scene:

The film is a gem and it is a joy to watch at Christmas time.

5 Responses to The Bishop’s Wife

  1. Todd says:

    Obscure? I wore out the first videocassette I had of this movie. It’s on cable every year, sometimes out of season. Excellent taste in film, counsellor. Excellent!

  2. Mike Petrik says:

    Given the joyous seaosn, I want to take this rare opportunity to agree with Todd!
    Merry XMAS gents!

  3. Jay Anderson says:

    Great movie!

    You should definitely miss the Denzel Washington/Whitney Houston remake, however.

  4. Tito Edwards says:

    Sounds like a movie I will be placing on my Netflix Que right now!

    With the beautiful Loretta Young no less.

  5. Largebill says:

    Great flick. Seemed to be on every other night for a couple weeks last year. I never saw it start to finish, but probably saw all of it in total a few times.

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