Christmas Wishes from Hugo Chavez

Surely every parent has moments when he or she think that the toy obsession at Christmas has got far out of control. Some turn to religion, seeking to “put the Christ back in Christmas”, but that big, cuddly man of the people Hugo Chavez has a better idea:

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez called for an end of Christmas “consumption insanity” and replace presents for children with stories about national independence hero Simon Bolivar, local media reported.

“For the love of God, let’s halt this, let’s put the brakes on this consumerist, capitalist insanity, that leads us to lose our spiritual values,” said Chavez.

Chavez suggested to stop buying toys “that as mothers and fathers we are practically forced” to buy. He also said that there is little sense in buying new clothes each December before Christmas Eve as these sales do not benefit the small merchants, but “their owners, the wealthy, the big distributors that make a bundle squeezing people.”

“Let’s sit with the children and tell them stories of Bolivar, of the motherland,” the Venezuelan President said, adding that he makes this appeal from his heart “to put aside these vices.”

Somehow, I’m not sure that “Bolivar and the motherland are the reason for the season” has quite the same ring to it. But surely Chavez’s heart is in the right place.

Have a happy Boxing Day/St. Steven’s Day/ Second Day of Bolivar!

4 Responses to Christmas Wishes from Hugo Chavez

  1. Tito Edwards says:

    Most of Latin America, specifically the majority of South Americans refer to Hugo Chavez as “el Payaso”. Which in English translates as “the Clown”.

    It’s interesting the the Euro-Trash at the Copenhagen Climate Conference all stood and gave him a standing ovation to this “Clown”.

    Says a lot about modern liberals doesn’t it?

  2. Phil says:

    Please, tell me you really are joking when you say Chavez’s heart is in the right place.

    Anything that appears to be a light in the dark heart of Chavez is in deed reminiscent of Paul’s words when he says, even if an angle of light should come to you with another gospel”

    No matter how reasonable he might sound, he’s robbed the Catholic Church of their voice in Venezuela, so he’s using false piety to stir the hearts of others.

  3. Yes. I would take a statement that Chavez’s heart is in the right place to be either:

    1) Insane

    2) Ironic

    Since I deny the former, I’ll claim the mantle of the latter.

  4. Donald R. McClarey says:

    Darwin’s tongue couldn’t have been further in his cheek!

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