Pope Benedict Assaulted, Doing Fine

His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI was pulled down by a woman during the Christmas vigil Mass on Christmas Eve.  In the video you can see the woman jump the barrier and instantly you see Vatican security react but the distance between the Pope and the barrier was small enough for the woman to bring down the Pope.

Along the way Roger Cardinal Etchegaray also fell as the woman barreled her way towards Papa Bene and through Cardinal Etchegaray.  The good French Cardinal is currently still hospitalized with a broken hip.

Pope Benedict immediately got up and proceeded to celebrate Mass as the congregation clapped joyfully seeing that Papa Bene was unharmed (not shown in the video).

Vatican security is reviewing their procedures amid this recent break down in security.  But keeping in balance the Pope’s access to his sheep to his safety is a delicate task.  Father John Zuhlsdorf has floated the idea of bringing back the sedia gestatoria, the portable papal throne where adequate lines of men would flank the chair bearers.

Preliminary reports have suggested this is the same woman, identified as Susanna Maiolo a Swiss-Italian, also jumped a barrier at an earlier papal procession but was tackled before she could reach Papa Bene.  It has been reported that Miss Maiolo appears to be unbalanced, but this hasn’t been confirmed.

Finally the Vatican will pardon her for her attack on the pope and offer leniency (in any future prosecution I assume).


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4 Responses to Pope Benedict Assaulted, Doing Fine

  1. Juanito Frito says:

    I think she’s CUTE and needs a MAN. No better man than our HOLY JOEY there!! Thank goodness that the Pope is OKAY and the attacker was not BGJ, a pal from my college years!!!

  2. Mitchell says:

    After careful thought already for a few years it does seem that signs are pushing for the safe return of the Sedia. If Rome so chooses we should fully support them. It does look safer. We must look at not only what could happen but what did. He was brought violently to the floor. That is not acceptable.

  3. M.Z. says:

    Since no one has brought it up here or at Father Zuhlsdorf’s, I will conjecture that use of the Sedia would inhibit removal of the Pontiff in case of incident and most likely block a route of escape once it is put down.

  4. Tito Edwards says:


    Excellent point.

    That may explain how the “Pope-mobile” came about.

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