Predictions Old

Last year some of the contributors for The American Catholic made predictions for 2009 here.  Here is how I did:

1.  Bailout mania will continue, with the federal government adding 1.5-2 trillion dollars to the national debt in 2009.

Close.  The deficit for this year was actually 1.4 trillion.

2.  Two cabinet members in the new administration will resign in 2009.  (Make that one cabinet member.  I was counting Bill Richardson in my total and he withdrew as Commerce Secretary today because of an ongoing corruption investigation against him.)

Tom Daschle withdrew his nomination for secretary of HHS due to failure to pay his taxes in full.

3.  After he is forced out through impeachment and conviction, Blagojevich will spill his guts to Fitzgerald in a desperate attempt to forestall a criminal indictment of his wife and to gain sentencing leniency for himself.

Well Blago was impeached and convicted and thrown out of office as governor of Illinois, but he hasn’t sung yet.

4.  As a result of Blagojevich singing, Fitzgerald will open a series of new investigations on numerous Illinois politicians.

Fitzgerald throughout the year has continued to wage his one man war against the sickening political corruption in my state, but he has received no information from Blagojevich, other than what Blago blabbed when he was secretly taped.

5.  Inflation will begin to take off by the end of 2009.

Nope, hasn’t occurred.  Yet.

6.  Israel will attack the nuclear installations of Iran in 2009, causing a spike in oil prices and a wave of terrorist attacks around the globe.

No, largely I think because Israel is hoping for regime change in Iran.

7.  Card check, the number one political goal of Union bosses, will not receive a vote in Congress in 2009.

DOA for this legislative year.

8.   Obama’s popularity rating will be around 40% by the end of 2009.

Getting close.  Rasmussen is the best poll on this issue in my opinion and today he shows Obama at 44% for presidential approval.  The stunner in this poll is that 27% of voters strongly approve, while 43% strongly disapprove.  Throughout the year Obama’s approval rating has steadily declined, and his actions have produced a plurality of the population that strongly disapproves of him.  This is ominous for a president in the first year of his first term.

9.   A moratorium on residential mortgage foreclosures will be implemented by the Federal government in 2009 for 90-180 days, with the main result being an increasing reluctance of most financial institutions to write new residential mortgage loans except for borrowers with good incomes and pristine credit histories.

Much to my surprise this did not occur.  California, that font of truly bad ideas this year, did try it for 90 days, with no notable impact on the overall foreclosure rate and no positive impact on California’s wretched economy.

10.  The Clintons will become a rallying point for Democrats disenchanted with the new administration in 2009.

Not yet. 

11.  There will be a major terrorist strike in the continental US.

Fort Hood. 

12.  McClarey will be wrong on some of his predictions.

I nailed that one!

Despite my less than stellar results from last year, I will rush in again where angels fear to tread and make predictions for 2010 during the coming week.


5 Responses to Predictions Old

  1. Phillip says:

    “There will be a major terrorist strike in the Continental US.

    Thank God no.”

    Ft. Hood?

  2. Paul Zummo says:

    I also think the near air-line attack on Christmas Day would count.

  3. Pinky says:

    Impressive call on #8. Most people get so caught up in the moment that they forget about the ebb and flow of politics. I knew that President Obama’s lustre would fade over time, but I never expected it to happen so fast.

  4. Donald R. McClarey says:

    “Ft. Hood?”

    Don slaps his forehead! I blogged quite a bit about it too. Thank you Phillip, I will correct the entry.

    Paul, I thank you for your suggestion. However, I will not add that due to it perhaps not being considered major. If not for the Dutchman who tackled him however, who knows how major it might have been?

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