Simpson’s 20th Anniversary

The Simpson’s 20th Anniversary show is on tonight.  Although I think the show has declined in the last few years, it can still manage to be funny, although almost always in questionable taste.  Among the guests appearing tonight will be Bill Donohue of the Catholic League which has taken the show to task in the past.   L’Osservatore Romano published a positive piece on the Simpsons last December;   a rough google translation is here.  In regard to the Catholic Church, the references to it on the show have ranged from benign to gutter anti-Catholic.  Here is one of the benign references.

7 Responses to Simpson’s 20th Anniversary

  1. Zach says:

    Harvey Mansfield, one of my favorite living political philosophers, called the Simpsons the smartest show on television. I think that is correct, but you’d have to omit the past 4 years from your judgment.

  2. Joe Hargrave says:

    I wrote this short note on the Simpsons a while back, and reposted it to my blog.

    I’d omit the last 10 years, personally.

  3. Elaine Krewer says:

    I used to think the Simpsons got kind of a bad rap, particularly when compared to the other notorious Fox comedy that premiered around the same time — “Married… with Children.”

    Although both shows were funny most of the time, I always thought “Married” was far worse from a moral point of view, for the simple reason that while both the Simpsons and the Bundys were dysfunctional, the Simpsons did at least have some basic love and respect for one another and tried to be a better family, whereas the Bundys didn’t even try.

    And of course, no matter what anyone says, we all know Illinois has the “real” Springfield complete with a polluted lake, a power plant run by a bald-headed guy who looks uncannily like Mr. Burns, a nearby city called Shelbyville, and Mel-O-Cream donuts, the kind Homer would kill for 🙂

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  5. Anthony says:

    I always liked that ‘Protestant Heaven’ vs. ‘Catholic Heaven’ bit.

  6. Donald R. McClarey says:

    Catholic Heaven rocks Anthony!

  7. Gary Keith Chesterton says:

    At its peak, The Simpsons was not only the smartest show on television; it was the smartest show that has ever been on television.

    Example. In the famous episode where the Simpsons’ dog, Santa’s Little Helper, falls in love with another dog and they have a bunch of puppies which Mr. Burns tries to make a tuxedo out of, the two dogs go on a series of “Lady and the Tramp”-style dates. During one date, they get their photo taken at an amusement park, with their heads sticking through holes in a blown-up painting of dogs playing poker. They have a laugh. But I wonder how many people know that the genius who painted the poker-playing dogs, Cassius Marcellus Coolidge, made his fortune as the inventor of the amusement park photo-cutout?

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