In The Face of the Evidence

On a day when it is particularly appropriate to reflect on the slaughter of the innocents in our country over the last 37 years, this article in the upcoming Weekly Standard (about how the direct visual evidence of what abortion is affects those working at abortion clinics and has been responsible for a number of defections to the pro-life cause) is worth reading as a sober reminder that under the statistic of tens of millions of abortions over the last four decades lie the human story of ten of millions of deaths.


One Response to In The Face of the Evidence

  1. Melinda MT says:

    I read the article – good points to keep in mind when discussing the issue with pro “choice” adherents – they are often negatively affected by the procedure if they have experienced it themselves – this is their humanity kicking in and it is a good thing – a good goad if you will – most have hearts and it is their hearts we must speak to – sometimes we forget that in our passion to protect the unborn – the love of Christ can reach them if we remain conscious of how much He loves them as well as the innocent unborn….

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