Egypt: Christian Convert Asks Obama for Help

A sad story coming from Egypt where a father and daughter recently converted from Islam to Christianity.  They have been attending a different church each Sunday and have slept in a different home each night in fear of the government.

In Egypt it is illegal to convert to Christianity.

This is also illegal under sharia law which Egypt subscribes to.

The young girl has written to President Obama to help her and her father from being jailed and executed.

This is not an isolated case, many Egyptians convert from Islam to Christianity but are unable to change their identification cards to reflect this nor have it recognized by the state.  This is critical when it comes to employment and law.

The Christian population is estimated to be at 10%, but no official figures are available because of the political situation.

My guess is that there aren’t any figures because the Christian population is growing through conversions and the government doesn’t want to add another headache to their list of troubles, ie, an angry Muslim population feeling humiliated that people would dare convert away from Islam.

(Biretta Tip: Fox News)

2 Responses to Egypt: Christian Convert Asks Obama for Help

  1. Anthony says:

    I am betting they’ll get the same response as the people of Iran.

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