The Crucified Rabbi Trailer

While browsing Jennifer Fulwilers fine blog, Conversion Diary, I came across this trailer for the book The Crucified Rabbi by Taylor Marshall:

(Biretta Tip: Jennifer Fulwiler of Conversion Diary)

3 Responses to The Crucified Rabbi Trailer

  1. Kate Furman says:


    Oh, Bride of Christ, you’re beautiful
    So radiant your face.
    Crowned in love by holy priests
    Your raiment spun of grace.

    Attended to by angel choirs
    That ever sing your praise,
    The mother of the blessed saints
    Who wisely chose your ways.

    Protector of the Eucharist
    Beloved of the Queen,
    The keeper of the flame of faith
    The door to truths unseen.

    Pure flower of the Spring of Life
    The soul’s sweet lullaby,
    Oh, God’s most gracious gift to man
    Through you how blessed am I.

    Kate Watkins Furman

  2. Tito Edwards says:

    Thank you for sharing that Kate.

    A very serene poem in honor of the Bride of Christ.

  3. Byron Ashing says:

    my son does that sometimes but when i put him to eat and watch tv at the same time he seems to enjoy his food more…

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