Res et Explicatio for AD 2-3-2010

Salvete TAC readers!

Here are my Top Picks in the Internet from the world of the Catholic Church and secular culture:

1. On ABC’s “This Week” this past Sunday Arianna Huffington, of the Huffington Post accused Glenn Beck of “inciting the American people” to commit violence against Obama by talking about “people being slaughtered.”

Here is Glenn Beck’s response from last night:

2. I have been pleasantly surprised at how Google’s browser Chrome has been working out for me.  It is fast, the security is better than Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 8.0, and it makes the web pages look just as spiffy as Apple’s Safari 4.  I still say that Mozilla’s Firefox 3.6 is the best of the bunch, but Google’s Chrome is up there.

My favorite browsers from best to second best, etc:

  1. Mozilla’s Firefox 3.6
  2. Apple’s Safari 4
  3. Google’s Chrome
  4. Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0

There are others, but these four above I would recommend without hesitation!

They all work very well on Windows 7.

Firefox is superior in all categories, but Safari 4 might have the edge on presentation.  I like how the graphics appears on their browser.

Claudine Beaumont of the Daily Telegraph wrote a short and concise article on some of the better browsers available in the Internet here.

3. Here is a neat story of how a kitty cat at a nursing home in Rhode Island curls up to patients just before they are about to die.  The kitty cat’s name is Oscar, same name of my beloved and deceased cat, and his accuracy surpases those of doctors and nurses in predicting which patients are about to die.

For the Daily Telegraph article by Tom Leonard titled Cat Predicts 50 Deaths In RI Nursing Home click here.

4. And finally a new movie about the Vatican sensationalizing exorcism is being put together titled The Vatican Tapes.

Doesn’t sound that interesting, but maybe it’ll actually be accurate for once.  Who knows.

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7 Responses to Res et Explicatio for AD 2-3-2010

  1. restrainedradical says:

    Safari and Chrome are superior to Firefox in page loading speed and web standards compliance. Firefox uses the least memory but the #1 reason I stick with it is because of the extensions. All this competition is producing rapidly improving browsers.

  2. Donald R. McClarey says:

    “Here is a neat story of how a kitty cat at a nursing home in Rhode Island curls up to patients just before they are about to die.”

    Oscar, The Cat of Doom!

  3. Tito Edwards says:


    I agree. Competition makes everyone better. And if they don’t get better they wither and die!

  4. Paul Zummo says:

    I have found Google Chrome to be the superior browser, at least on my home computer. I don’t do much except browse the internet, and it is super fast. I have two problems with it, though they might be unique to my circumstance. For one, last I checked it still wasn’t syncing with PayPal to enable me to print out shipping labels (I have some ebay business), and for whatever reason whenever I attempt to write out blog posts all but the first paragraph disappears when I attempt to publish.

    I do like Safari as well, and Firefox works great on my work computer but for some reason is slow as heck at home.

  5. Jlue says:

    Thanks for the post about Glenn Beck and for your pro-life stand.

  6. Tito Edwards says:


    Some of the online and evening classes I’m taking requires that I use Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox to access my assignments.

    Ironically they never configured their secure sites for Google Chrome, but Chrome works infinitely better than IE and Firefox!

    Go figure.

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