Daycare and Foreign Travel!

From the only reliable source of news on the net, the Onion.  Well, I must say that after being involved in some child custody cases during my career in which I have reached the conclusion that the poor kids would be better raised by wolves than either of their parents, nothing shocks me in regard to the ability of some parents to always put the interest of their kids dead last.

3 Responses to Daycare and Foreign Travel!

  1. Tito Edwards says:

    This is not far from the truth.

    For good and bad, many families do send their children to boarding school, which also doubles as day-care.

    Winston Churchill wasn’t a fan of them I understand.

  2. Mike Petrik says:

    Actually, the strategy seems to be to import the labor rather than export the kid. It is almost as cheap as long as you ignore tax obligations, which aseems to be the norm.

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