Res et Explicatio for AD 2-4-2010

[Update at the bottom of this post]

Salvete TAC readers!

Here are my Top Picks in the Internet from the world of the Catholic Church and secular culture:

1. The USCCB scandal continues as the U.S. bishops continue to issue denials of wrongdoings.

Mary Ann of Les Femmes blog asks why does the USCCB continue to cooperate with evil.

An interesting twist to this story is how the Boston Globe and New York Times covered the homosexual pedophile abuse scandal in the Church quite vigorously yet not one peep when the USCCB is caught red-handed with direct links to anti-Catholic organizations.

2. A great discussion about the origins of the phrase, “The Dunce Cap“, provided for a clarification by Friar Roderic.  He provided a video that explains the steady progression as a Protestant insult, ie, to call Catholic dunces for being aggressive in their Catholic beliefs, to the more secularized version which has turned it into a catch phrase for idiocy.

3. Hollywood doubles down on the sexualization of American youth.

My solution, stop watching television.

You will have more time for your prayer life and other spiritual activities which will bring you ever closer to God!

4. Finally a somewhat interesting article on the biggest jerk in Congress which compares the stark contrasts between left-wingers and right-wingers in how they react to news.

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6. For more news about the Catholic Church click here.


Update I: Sister Mary Ann Walsh is not involved with “womens ordination”.  The picture that was shone was her receiving a bouquet of flowers by a “womens ordination” group that were attempting to crash a U.S. bishops meeting.  Sister Mary Ann Walsh was blocking them from disturbing the U.S. bishops meeting.

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