Hitler Hates The Pope!

Hattip to Thomas Peters at American Papist.  The historical Hitler would have been shocked and concerned at what Pope Benedict is accomplishing, so it it is good to see that the internet Hitler is upset!

11 Responses to Hitler Hates The Pope!

  1. Tito Edwards says:

    cancel my liturgical classes!”

    That has got to be the most funny Hitler Downfall rendition yet!

  2. Gabriel Austin says:

    Wicked! as the kids say.

  3. Rick Lugari says:

    My favorite part too, Tito, but for those who didn’t view it the actaul quote is, “Cancel the rest of my liturgical dance lessons.” Funny stuff.

  4. Rather inane, but what should I expect? Something more than a Hitler Card?

  5. Rick Lugari says:

    Stick, meet mud.

  6. […] to Catholic Vote Action (and the American Papist) and Mark Shea, Mary’s Aggies, The American Catholic, and the Catholic Youth Ministry Blog for the links to the video parody I made of the Hilter […]

  7. Anthony says:

    the hitler youtube gag is getting a bit old… was their a particular occasion for someone to make this one…?

  8. brettsalkeld says:

    Do you think you could send some of your Benedict supporting youth my way?

  9. Donald R. McClarey says:

    A worthy project brettsalkeld! I hope some of our youthful, that leaves me out!, contributors, commenters and readers will participate.

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