Representative Anh “Joseph” Quang Cao-Hero

Expecting heroism from politicians is rather like expecting chastity from prostitutes:  you are almost certain to be disappointed.  Therefore when a politician signs his own political death warrant on a matter of principle, attention should be paid.

Representative Anh “Joseph” Quang Cao is the Congressman representing the second congressional district of Louisiana.  His district is in New Orleans and is overwhelmingly Democrat in voter composition.  He is there by virtue of defeating the unbelievably corrupt  former Congressman William “Cold Cash” Jefferson.

When ObamaCare came up in the House he was the lone Republican to vote for it.  Now he is  a no vote.  Lifesite News explains why:

He said he could only vote for the bill if the abortion funding were removed, which Democrats have refused to do.

He said he has been flooded with calls and emails but will vote his conscience.

“We have people knocking at our doors, we have groups coming in, lobbying,” he said. “It comes down to me and my own conscience and that’s what I have to deal with.”

“We do need some kind of health care reform to assist many people in the district,” he said. “But again, my decision to support the health care bill cannot contradict my conscience.”

Obama on Wednesday met with Cao and asked him to take a new look at the abortion language in the bill — something Cao promised he would do.

“He’s asked if I would restudy the Senate language and that I would approach it with an open mind. And I promised that I would go back and study the Senate language again,” Cao said, according to the New Orleans Times Picayune.

“He fully understands where I stand on abortion, and he doesn’t want me to vote against my conscience because he, like me, believes that if we were to vote against our conscience, our moral values, there is really nothing left for us to defend,” Cao said. “I’m glad that the president is very understanding. He really shows his own moral character.”

“He did not whip me on the vote,” he said.

Where Cao stands is firmly against abortion funding — which is clearly a part of the Senate health care bill.

Cao was trained as a Catholic priest and has a role as an advisor to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. As such, he holds a strong pro-life position and once said he would rather save his soul than ever vote for a bill that promotes abortion.

“At the end of the day if the health care reform bill does not have strong language prohibiting the use of federal funding for abortion, then the bill is really a no-go for me,” Cao told the New Orleans Times Picayune back in August.

“Being a Jesuit, I very much adhere to the notion of social justice,” Cao said.

“I do fully understand the need of providing everyone with access to health care, but to me personally, I cannot be privy to a law that will allow the potential of destroying thousands of innocent lives,” he told the New Orleans paper at the time.

Cao told the newspaper his decision doesn’t depend on the Catholic bishops, who oppose the bill, or the Catholic Health Association, which supports it.

“At the end of the day, it’s me facing my own conscience,” he said.

“I was a moral philosophy professor. I taught the issue for many years. I fully understand the moral issue,” he said. “I do believe that we need health care reform, that we need to address the issues of pre-existing conditions, of accessibility and affordability in health care. At the same time, I am holding onto the principle that we should not kill the unborn.”

In a just world a man like Cao who is willing to be politically defeated for the sake of the unborn would reap a huge reward for such a stance.  In our very imperfect world he will probably reap only a landslide defeat in the fall.  However, some of us notice and salute him.  Representative Cao, you are a hero in my eyes.

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  1. Geisteswissenschaften says:

    I just pray that his vote is not being used, and that he is not just another pawn in the effort by Barack Obama to divide the Catholic Church and exploit our differences of opinion.

    But Congressman Cao said something that was already contradicting for the edification of himself and Obama. He said that Obama demonstrates his own moral character by encouraging him to vote his own conscience. There is a lie in there if you read it closely. The lie is that Cao thinks that Obama’s conscience is good. He is saying this bill is bad, but Obama is good. He is trying to splice the two notions that are really just one. This IS Obama’s bill. This is the bill that Obama has pushed for and favors most. Barack is very clearly and adamantly pro-abortion. So, inerrantly, his conscience is a no-go, to borrow a phrase from Rep. Cao. How can it be then, that Barack is a no-go on abortion issues, but his bill, which very clearly funds abortion, could be a ‘go’?

    I want to believe Mr. Cao when he says that he is going to vote his conscience, but I am also tempted to believe that this whole ‘vote my conscience’ gig is a set up, a ploy meant to convince voters that Mr. Cao, who is a Jesuit, is really just voting a morally informed conscience. The truth could be sinister – very sinister, and I am in anxiety over it.

    The truth is that while priests, to use the word loosely, are decidedly pro-life, but Jesuits however, are also notoriously Socialist-acting throughout the world. They have worked in opposition to capitalism as a means for the growth and protection of scoiety for half of a century. I will not be surprised if our Congressman does vote yes for this bill. If Mr. Cao comes out with a statement referring, in effect, to something about “The Greater Good” that healthcare offers, then I will know that he has lied all along about his so-called conscience.

    But here is the kicker. While the nuns, and by nuns I mean fewer than half, have come out in opposition to the rest of the worlding Church, and Barack has set up “sister” Carol Keehan as some sort of anti-Pope, The Church has stood together under the banner of our Communion, which is stronger than any brotherhood, and stronger than any so-called fellowship, or fraternity, or whatever. But we stand together because of the Communion of priests, Christs Apostles here on earth, those ordained by God to tell us the Truth (even if they don’t always live up to it – because as we have always known, the Devil does not quit working and he has always worked hard to infiltrate the Church at every level, see- Communism, Gays, and now Healthcare debate), this Representative is also a trained priest (so the article says). But I question even the verbiage. Trained to be a priest is not the same as a trained priest. That would be like calling Martin Luther as monk back in his day. That guy never made it past his novitiate. He was never ‘trained’ on anything and that’s why he broke from the Church, he broke the Communion that Christ called us to and started his own anti-Church. Now Sister Carol appears to be the new anti-Pope, and we will see if Mr. Cao is going to be the anti-clergy too.

    Mr. Cao’s vote has been decided by Barack Obama to give credibility to the pro-abortion language in the Senate Bill, a kind of credibility that Barack Hussein Obama needs to establish his Socialist regime in America vis-a-vis healthcare (sorry, I borrowed that from Bishop Fulton Sheen, I wish I could have taken credit for it as an original thought, but not so – blame the good ArchBishop).

    Barack needs someone with real credibility to oppose the Bishops based solely on moral conscience. That someone is Rep. Cao. The Democrats want Mr. Cao up front, they will push his so-called ‘dilemma’ and noisily so. They want the whole world to see this pseudo-conscience at work to finally approve Abortion as a moral good for whatever society he thinks he’s living in.

    LOOK WORLD. LOOK AT THE PAIN THIS MAN BEARS. That is their message. In this ultimate struggle of good and evil, let us see how it all plays out.

    But I am not convinced that Mr. Cao is going to vote against the bill. His need is to satisfy all those people in his district who desperately want to have their cake and eat it too. Smoke, cigs, drink bourbon, eat like a fat horse, and get free healthcare to pay for the pangs of their gluttony. It doesn’t take money to be able to afford those things when we have a government that would rather keep people on welfare then teach them to fish. At least those on welfare will not work against the government is their primary assumption. This is how they believe they can subdue the masses.

    But their real desire is to subdue the Mass itself. Subdue Christ. Subdue our beliefs in that higher authority. They want to be the sole authors of our freedom, and make us believe that we should never mind any belief that true freedom is only freedom in Christ.

    So, just sit down, turn on American Idol, be amused, let the government pass their bills to equalize us all, don’t think, and certainly don’t act, just – Stay. We’ll give you the healthcare, just stay put. Because, if you move, if you act, if you think, then those in power can function. Soon, in the name of some fairness, it will be illegal to oppose government teachings on most anything at all. Look already at what is happening in Europe where it is virtually illegal to BE a Catholic who practices his own faith.

    Dear Congressman Cao, please don’t be a TOOL for the ploys of this mimicking farse we call our President, the one who pantomimes to his own previously edited speeches for effect/affect, this raging Hitler-esque speech giver who want totalitarian rule to be presented as somehow a real choice. This anti-President stands ready to act as our Commander-in-Chief in the same way that Hugo Chavez does. Do not forget that as long as Hugo Chavez publicly insults Barack Obama, then they can privately share their same vision for a Socialist World Order. This is a highly tactical procedure called self-flanking. It has been used in business for nearly 40 years and with great success. It was used by the Bushes and the Clintons, It was used by Miller Lite. The idea is to create a pseudo-enemy, for the public in a frenzied thoughtless mass.

    Be very careful where you stand and how you vote. Don’t be their TOOL, their PAWN.

  2. daledog says:

    Wow! That was good. I’m picturing that painting of Satan whispering into Christ’s ear. To my way of thinking, a Catholic, or anyone with a soul and some basic understanding of world history, ought to stand against abortion. This should be the status quo, not heroic. If Cao were heroic, he would be trying to convince the other congressmen to rally to the protection of the unborn.

  3. jh says:

    Thanks for this piece. It is nice that he is from my State.

    I must say I don’t understand the first two comments. On this issue there is not much difference between Stupak(who I think most here like) and Cao.

    Cao has been under tremendous pressue. In fact I am not alone in thinking that certain critical projects were threatened to be held back for NOLA if CAO did not come along.

    There were credible reports early on that Obama said he would HELP CAO in his election.

    CAO was a Jesuit Seminarian. I know that yes there are some problems with the Jesuits but I don’t see this in Cao. He is a man that has walked the talk, advised the Bishops in the past on crucial matters, and dedicated a lot of life to service with his Law Degree.

    Also why do pople think CAO is not trying to convince Congressmen to save the unborn. This has been one of his issues. Thre press is giving no coverage to any of major pro-life GOPERS. Why would thye give it to first term (and maybe only term) Cao

  4. Dale Price says:

    If we could mint another 30 or so Congressional representatives just like him, the country would be a much better place.

  5. RL says:

    Yeah, I don’t think it’s fair to say that the pro-life congressmen aren’t trying to persuade their colleagues to protect life? We don’t really know what they are or aren’t doing, but surely their refusing to the vote for the legislation for pro-life concerns IS saying something.

    The Dems could have this form of HCR passed easily if they would just give up on the demand that abortion be included as “health care”. The Dems won’t do it and some people who should know better blame the evil Republicans and “well intentioned but naive or misinformed Democrats” for holding it up. Those are the people who should have their allegiances and priorities called into question.

  6. Geisteswisssenschaften says:

    Not as a matter of rebuttal, but just to clear the air there: I don’t want to be lumped in with the person who said that Cao should be trying to convince other congressman to vote against abortion language. I agree, who knows what he is up to.

    But that I do not know precisely what he is up to is my whole point. So, I defer to Christ who said: “You will know a tree by its fruit.”

    All that I am writing about is this: If Cao uses the ‘I weighed my conscience’ story to try to justify voting for the Senate Bill, which is de facto not exclusive toward abortions, then we will know what fruit he has produced and therefore know just who is really is and had been working for all along. We can judge the tree by its fruit and there is full scriptural justification for that.

    Now, I’m not advocating throwing stones, but I am saying, don’t provide the conditions enabling him to sin again, if in fact, he does vote for the Senate bill inclusive of its anti-birth, anti-life language. Remove him from office. Vote him out.

    If, however, he votes against the bill, which is the only thing that hasn’t changed in this whole two-man circus, then we will know that he kept a pledge to a sitting president to give the bill its due merit toward and due diligence. That is fair.

    But also, if we hear that he voted for the bill because of some so-called ‘greater good’ or any similar language, then we know it was all for show, it was all a farce.

    Furthermore, if he says that his conscience led him to his vote and he votes for the Senate bill, then we will know by that fruit that his conscience is totally out of whack.

    Now, to respond to JH: I am wondering if the ‘credible’ reports that Obama is going to help him in his district is the promise made to Cao to vote FOR the bill. That is just another way of selling out. “Here, vote for this, say it was for your conscience, and we’ll get you re-elected.” That’s is a heck of a promise! Evil indeed because it annuls the whole “I’m doing it for my conscience” argument.

    But also – you can’t validly use the whole ‘he has walked the walk’ devise in this argument because you make an appeal to his authority in that way. There is no reason that we should rest on his credentials.

    We cannot judge this looking forward, we can only judge what has been done. We cannot use the past to guage his merit in this particular decision, because it is an invalid argument to judge a whole by its parts. Just each part individually and try to remember – we’re not judging the person, just the actions, which have merit in and of themselves.

    Logic and Truth are their own merit, there is never a valid reason for appealing to credentials.

  7. Geisteswisssenschaften says:

    I just have to add one thing. By the moves that Barack Hussein Obama is making, this is very clear: They have been studying Catholic Theology on Conscience and Free Will, and I firmly believe they are trying to exploit it for the sake of gaining a vote, albeit a very critical vote.

    But they missed something – they think that the conscience argument can appeal to everyone. Well, they’re right, it SHOULD appeal to everyone! However, we have the Trump card – It is this:

    Conscience does not trump faith.

    The bible tells us this:
    Those under the Old Covenant will be judged by the Old Covenant, a covenant under the law. Those who are in the New Covenant, the New Law, will not be judged by Law, but by Faith. And finally, those who have no Covenant with God will be judged by their Consciences.
    DO NOT make the mistake of mis-applying one rule to another. This Mr. Cao is no pagan, he is no Mohammedan, and he is no Mormon or Atheist. He is NOT judged by his conscience, he will be judge by God according to his Faith: This is a faith that is inculsive of this fact – that he remains faithful to Christ as the ‘Head’ and the Catholic Church, that is, the one Church that Jesus Christ founded which is ‘His Body’, the living ‘Body of Jesus Christ’. He, as a Catholic Christian, the truest Christian, must remain faithful to the teachings of the Church.

    To wit: He so far appears to be faithful. However, and this is the other deceit, He is not examining his own conscience in the sense of discerning if he is right or wrong on the issue. No, he is making a determination of whether the bill does or does not enable abortions.

    The rule is certain, the conscience is formed, the only remaining question is: Does the Bill include/fund abortions?

    Nuts and Bolts.

    The answer has already come back, it is also very clear and firm: the answer is that YES, this bill funds abortion. The so-called language is ultimately inclusive.

    Now, we will know whether Mr Cao tells the truth or is a liar, not by whether he agrees or disagrees based on conscience, but by whether he assent or dissents based on the authoritative teaching of his Church. If he dissents, then he breaks Communion. He has thus broken the one of only two commandments that matter because they transcend all other commandments: Love God with all of your heart, mind, and body, and (not love thy neighbor as thyself, but) Love one another as Jesus Christ has loved us First. Call it the Platinum Rule!

    Christ sacrificed himself for us, expectant mothers are expected to do the same. If you think it is too hard on women, remember – a man did it first,and he did it for all women.

  8. RL says:

    Archbishop Chaput addresses some of these issues at First Things today. Particularly happy that he pointed out the right to life is a social justice issue (something that many left-leaning Catholics don’t understand or care about) and that if the Senate bill passes we’ll have many Catholic voices to blame. As I said above, that’s the real kicker for me. If they had only lent their voices trying to get a bill that respected life and offered conscience protection, rather than defending whatever the pro-aborts offered up maybe some inroads could have been made.

  9. Susie says:

    Rep Cao,I am Vietnamese American like you. When I read you talked with Pres. Obama, your answer make me to begin to notice specially tor you.You have a great courage to break the rank of Republican to vote yes in earlier version (and you are the only one who do this, really amazing me).
    Please deeply review the bill on Abortion issue. I read it carefully and nearly all Catholics people (myself too) agree that this bill doesn’t support abortion.
    Also please pay attention that tens of thousands of people died unnecessary a year because they can’t afford to buy insurance . and This number is increasing quickly. In my state, from 25% last year and will be up to30% this year. (how about your state?)I hope you come up with a yes. nearly all Vietnamese in America will be behind you if you vote yes.

  10. Donald R. McClarey says:

    “I read it carefully and nearly all Catholics people (myself too) agree that this bill doesn’t support abortion.”

    Rubbish. The Senate bill would cause all taxpayers to be implicated in the funding of abortion. Cao is right and you are wrong.

  11. Donna V. says:

    Cao is right and you are wrong.

    Yes. It is pro-abortion. It is also unsustainable. This healthcare bill will bankrupt America. Susie, do you want your adopted country to become a third-world nation like Vietnam? Maybe you do. Well, this terrible bill will accomplish that.

    There are ways of providing care to the uninsured without wrecking the entire system.

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