Why Bart Stupak’s Executive Order is Meaningless

Why the figleaf that Bart Stupak had handed to him by Obama in the form of an executive order  is meaningless is succinctly explained by Ed Morrissey at Hot Air:

More to the point, though, this EO will never have any effect. As a host of actual Constitutional authorities have already made clear, any court challenge will wind up with the government forced to obey the law Congress passed and the President signed for the same reasons Obama states in this clip. Congress makes law, not the President, and when an EO conflicts with the law, it’s the law that prevails. Otherwise, the President really does become a “monarch”, as Obama states in this clip, and Congress becomes an advisory board.

Obama knows this. The Republicans know this. Hell, even Bart Stupak knows this, but he just needed an excuse to change his vote, and everyone knows it.

Perhaps the only ones who don’t realize this yet are the Catholics on the Left foolish enough to celebrate this complete capitulation by Stupak as a victory. Much better if they simply admitted the obvious:  they don’t give a fig about fighting against abortion.

14 Responses to Why Bart Stupak’s Executive Order is Meaningless

  1. daledog says:

    “Much better if they simply admitted the obvious: they don’t give a fig about fighting against abortion.”

    They never did.

  2. Donald R. McClarey says:

    Paul I put your last comment in the spam file as I will do all your comments written in the same intemperate tone as the last one. If you simple want to vent, find other venues to do it.

  3. Well said Donald. Those liberal Catholics would die before they would be seen to effectively fight against abortion. They much prefer to be seen fighting against conservatives.

  4. Tito Edwards says:


    It’s sad that their “hate” for conservatives trumps their (alleged) pro-life sympathies.

  5. Pinky says:

    Guys, I oppose this health care package as much as anyone. But Stupak and others probably did the best they could. There’s a chance this executive order could hold. As much as I’m wallowing in self-pity today, I’m not going to question others’ commitment to the pro-life cause.

    We need to watch the Senate, the President, and (soon enough) the courts. But we also have to care for our own souls. And you can’t do that by hating liberal Catholics. Sorry if I’m nagging on this one, but this is important.

  6. Art Deco says:

    And you can’t do that by hating liberal Catholics.

    Can I do it in the course of being irked, bored, and impatient with certain individuals’ mix of gamesmanship and condescension?

  7. Donald R. McClarey says:

    Two points Pinky.

    1. By definition the Executive Order cannot hold. The Senate bill allows for public funding of abortion. Courts would throw out a contrary Executive Order in a New York minute. This is not a matter of opinion. This is simply a statement of law.

    2. No one is hating liberal Catholics. I merely point out that Catholics celebrating this as some sort of pro-life victory obviously are not interested in fighting abortion. That, or they are very, very misinformed as to executive orders and their relationship to laws passed by Congress.

  8. 2Timothy3 says:

    Is America become Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World”? It frightens me for my child to see the similarities. Our secular culture’s belief in relativism combines with a blatant hate for morals, faith, the family and the sanctity of life especially of the unborn. My brothers and sisters in Christ, We are called more that ever to Prayer, Penance and Fasting for the sins of this world.

  9. RL says:

    That, or they are very, very misinformed as to executive orders and their relationship to laws passed by Congress.

    In a way, that’s too kind. I know of no Catholic advocates of this legislation that have only began to support after the EO talk. They supported it from the beginning, even before the Stupak language in the house and the senate rewrite and buyout of Nelson. Frankly, abortion was never a concern of theirs and if the bill contained a thrice daily virgin sacrifice to Baal, they probably still would have supported it. The only ones to pretend that EO changed their minds are those who used it as cover to do what they already intended.

  10. Pinky says:

    In the weird world of signing statements, legal appeals, and delay tactics, we may not see the federal funding of abortion before January 2013, at which point I hope we can make a better deal. The question is, is President Obama honest enough to stay bought by Congressman Stupak? Whatever happens, I will try to be charitable to my fellow Catholics, if for no other reason than that I really am not in the mood to do so.

  11. Donald R. McClarey says:

    “In a way, that’s too kind.”

    That’s me RL, always looking for a charitable interpretation of the actions of others! 🙂

  12. Kevin in Texas says:

    Pinky and others, I just came across this insidious and bald-faced lie by Rep. Stupak spoken by him on the House floor last night. Utterly despicable and completely flies in the face of reality. I honestly think Stupak lost it this weekend:

  13. jen says:

    I just watched Stupak on TV attempting to “justify” his vote and the rationale for an executive order. He actually had the nerve to say it it was ok for George W Bush to use an EO to restrict/limit stem cell research, it’s ok to have an EO signed by this president to limit federal funding for abortion. Can someone put out to the respective representative that he seems to have a very short memory on this …. afterall what was one of the first EO’s this new president rescinded within the first week of his election! and that’s the problem Rep Stupak, an EO is not law, you just voted for something that will never stand the test of the law … what a tragic day for the sanctity of life, for the rights of the unborn and the health of women.

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