Thank You Speaker Pelosi!

From the National Republican Congressional Committee.  If they succeed it will be largely due to your hard work.

4 Responses to Thank You Speaker Pelosi!

  1. Though in a sense, I would find state victory in this to be even more worrisome than the bill as written. The bill itself is poor, but if the mandate is removed but guaranteed issue is kept, it will actually be worse than either the bill as written or the prior status quo.

  2. Donald R. McClarey says:

    I will not get into the merits of the state law suits until I have seen the complaints. My point in referring to the lawsuits is that it is without precedent I believe for so many states to be litigating a federal piece of legislation immediately after its passage. Pelosi is truly clueless as to the depth of opposition the passage of ObamaCare has stirred up.

  3. Jim says:

    Rosa DeLauro looks like something out of the Star Wars bar scene

  4. Kevin in Texas says:

    Great one, Jim! And Nancy looks like Emperor Palpatine. Or maybe more realistically like his alter ego, Darth Sidious, just before his death, when he was all shrivelled and cackling.

    I’m now going to resume my Lenten fast from insulting my political opponents and ask forgiveness for my loose tongue/typing fingers…

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