ObamaCare: How to Defeat It

Normally when a law is enacted in this country, that is that, and the debate is ended.  Not always however.  Sometimes laws are so ill-considered, so destructive of values held dear by large segments of the population, that the passage of the law only creates a new stage for an ongoing struggle over the law.  Most polls show that most of the public opposes ObamaCare.  Here are some thoughts on how this law can be defeated.  Like most campaigns in the public square it will involve agitation, legal challenges and political action.  Unlike most such campaigns we will add to it the element of prayer.

1.   Legal Challenges: 13 states are pledged to bring litigation against ObamaCare.  Individuals and groups should join in, the more, the merrier.  ObamaCare is a highly complicated Act and the litigation could take years to play out.   Whether it would ultimately succeed would depend I think largely on the political atmosphere by the time all of this reaches the Supreme Court.  If there is unending public outrage over this, and if the American people have strongly indicated their rejection of ObamaCare at the ballot box, that will have an impact upon the Court, based upon the prior history of the Court.

2.   Mass Rallies: Opponents should stage mass rallies at least one every few months to keep this issue front and center.  Frequent rallies at the local level, a la the tea party rallies, must become a feature of American life in the months and years ahead.

3.   State Action: State legislatures should draft petitions to Congress calling for the repeal of ObamaCare.  Governors should draft proclamations calling for the repeal of ObamaCare.  State legislation should be enacted to attack ObamaCare wherever possible.  In legislation this complicated there will be many avenues of attack on the state level.

4.   Education: A non-stop campaign must be mounted to educate the public about the provisions of ObamaCare, and the cost of implementing the provisions.   Blogs can be especially useful in accomplishing this.

5.   Citizen action: Activists should appear en masse at every town hall meeting of every Congress Critter in this country and peacefully demand the repeal of ObamaCare.  Endless petitions should be submitted to Congress calling for the repeal of ObamaCare.

6.  Victory in 2010: Those members of Congress who voted for ObamaCare should be defeated in November.  Those who are not defeated should be given the scare of their political lives.  This was shaping up as a bad year for the Democrats.  Let us make it a year of disaster for all Democrats in Congress who voted for ObamaCare.

7.  Congressional Action: Prior to November the Republicans can only engage in attacks on ObamaCare that will not get out of Congress.  They should do so to keep the issue front and center.   Assuming that the Republicans gain control of the House in November, and perhaps the Senate, legislation attacking ObamaCare must be ceaselessly introduced ranging from outright repeal, to endless amendments of the act, to attempts to defund aspects of ObamaCare.  Make the Democrats fight these efforts and make Obama use his veto pen against any legislation that is passed.

8.   Civil Disobedience: For those who have the stomach for it, an honorable American tradition of civil disobedience exists against unjust laws.  Sit ins at the White House and at the offices of  members of Congress who support ObamaCare would be a good start.  Of course all of this should be done peacefully and every one should be aware of the possible penalties.

9.   Prayer: It is rather unfashionable in many circles, but I believe no large undertaking should be initiated without besieging Heaven for aid.  In regard to the abortion aspect of this fight,  asking help from God is especially appropriate.

10.  Victory in 2012: What was begun in 2010 should be completed in 2012 with the defeat of President Obama and as many supporters of ObamaCare as survive the deluge in November 2010.  Any opponent of Obama worthy of support must of course be pledged to sign legislation repealing ObamaCare.

10 Responses to ObamaCare: How to Defeat It

  1. S.pamb.ot says:

    Is there a special role for Catholics in this plan?

  2. Donald R. McClarey says:

    Yes. Speaking out against the dissident groups claiming the Catholic mantle and that have been fully enlisted in the ranks of the Culture of Death. Archbishop Chaput has started the ball rolling on this.


  3. Donald R. McClarey says:

    Speaking of “Catholic” groups in alliance with the Culture of Death, see the video linked below:


  4. RL says:

    Wow Don. That video is disturbing. I thought that letter from renegade nuns was wrong, and I’m sure it was timed for effect, but how naive of me to have considered it done independently. But no, it was done in conjunction with Democratic congressmen. Important to remember that the nun letter came even before the EO fig leaf, so we see the nuns and and at least Ryan were already pushing ahead with the straight senate bill.

  5. Donald R. McClarey says:

    We see now RL a concerted attempt to destroy the effectiveness of Catholics in the fight against abortion by an alliance of elements of the Democrat party with “Catholic” dissident groups. This has been going on for quite a while of course, but the battle over ObamaCare brought this starkly out in the open with the “Catholic” dissident groups in open defiance of the Bishops.

  6. Jay Anderson says:

    Regarding the video to which Don linked, recall that Ryan is the guy that Democrats for Life booted from its advisory board last summer:

    Upset by what is sees as U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan abandoning his pro-life position, Democrats For Life of America removed the congressman from its national advisory board.

    “DFLA gave Congressman Ryan ample opportunities to prove he’s committed to protecting life, but he has turned his back on the community at every turn,” said Kristen Day, the Washington, D.C.-based pro-life organization’s executive director.


    Apparently, he’s not too pro-abortion for the sisters, though. You know, because he supports health care and stuff.

  7. Joe Hargrave says:

    Sounds good to me.

  8. Donna V. says:

    Despite the many states challenging Obamacare, I am less confident of our ability to prevail in the courts. By the time those challenges reach the SCOTUS, there will probably be another Obama appointee on the bench. I have a hunch that the “wise Latina” and any other Obama pick will interpret the Constitution imaginatively. Even the present composition of the court does not reassure me. I hate to have the question of American liberty depend on what sort of mood Justice Kennedy is in on that particular day.

  9. Donald R. McClarey says:

    The only one that will likely be replaced in that time Donna is John Paul Stevens, who has been on the left side of most issues since Ford appointed him.

  10. Kevin in El Paso says:

    “Democrats For Life” may well be an accurate emblem of the collective sentiment of its membership. Sadly, a political force to be reckoned with it is not.

    Until a member is elevated to a position of importance within the Dem party BECAUSE of his or her pro-life voting record, the label means nothing. The Dems will tolerate pro-lifers within their ranks only so long as their numbers and committee assignments fall far short of a critical mass. They will not be allowed to threaten the party’s abortion (and contraception, euthanasia, population control) uber alles platform.

    Let me be blunt; all personal sentiments aside, to be a “pro-life” member of the national Democrat Party is to be one who supports the pro-life cause whenever it does not interfere with other Nanny State/social justice imperatives.

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