All Glory, Laud and Honor

Something for the weekend.  The masterpiece of Saint Theodulph.  Go here for the Latin and English lyrics.

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  1. Elaine Krewer says:

    A timely thought for Palm Sunday, which I also posted on another blog:

    Sooner or later, everyone lets us down or betrays us in some way. Needless to say a lot of people let us down this past week. Bart Stupak and most of the ostensibly pro-life Dems in Congress let us down. Obama let us down (for those who really believed his message of “hope and change,” that is; for the rest of us he’s just living down to our expectations).

    But it isn’t just Democrats or liberals that disappoint us. Plenty of Republicans and conservatives have let us down in various ways. I can think of dozens of other elected officials that have betrayed us or disappointed us.

    And it isn’t just people in government that let us down, we all sadly know that priests, bishops, nuns and others in the Church or other organizations have let us down, sometimes tragically.

    For that matter, my husband and my family and friends have let me down numerous times. And I have let lots of people down too many times to count.

    Come to think of it, the Apostles let Jesus down in his hour of greatest need. Judas betrayed him, of course, and Peter denied him three times; and all the rest, except John, were nowhere to be found on Calvary.

    If followers of Christ had been blogging back then, I can imagine what some of them would have been saying about the Apostles right after the Crucifixion: “What lying POS’s they all are! They all belong in hell beside their buddy Judas!”
    Even after the Resurrection, I can picture them saying “What is he thinking? How can he possibly stick with that group of pathetic backstabbing losers? He should throw them all out and start over!”

    Now don’t get me wrong, I’m NOT trying to make direct comparisons between any particular public figure and the Apostles… just pointing out that even the Apostles weren’t immune to the kind of failure of leadership we see today, but Jesus never gave up on them, nor will He ever give up on us.

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