Planned Parenthood Gives Thanks To Nuns

The President of Worse Than Murder, Inc, aka Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards has thanked  all the nuns who helped get the pro-abort version of ObamaCare passed.  My emphasis added:

And in the last days, when Congressman Stupak and the National Conference of Catholic Bishops threatened to bring down health care reform completely over their narrow demands, the true heroine for women’s health was Speaker Nancy Pelosi. She never blinked. In the final hours, when congressional leadership and the White House were scrambling for any vote they could get to reach the magic 216, Speaker Pelosi put herself in the way of the anti-choice steamroller. In private and in public, she vowed that there would be no health care bill if it included the Stupak abortion ban.

And in the final days before the bill was passed, it was the Roman Catholic nuns who most importantly broke with the bishops and the Vatican to announce their support for health care reform. This brave and important move, demonstrating that they cared as much about the health care of families in America as they did about church hierarchy, was a critical demonstration of support. Bart Stupak may not ask the nuns for advice, as he recently announced to the press, but maybe next time he should.

At Planned Parenthood, we’re committed to fight to change the egregious Nelson language in the bill that President Obama signed today, which unjustly treats abortion coverage differently than all other health care. As providers of health care to three million people every year, Planned Parenthood health centers are also prepared to roll up their sleeves and help get more Americans the health care they need. We are pleased that the health care reform bill will extend coverage to millions of women and guarantee access to affordable, lifesaving screenings for breast and cervical cancer and other preventive tests. Women will no longer need to live in fear of being dropped by an insurer because of a pre-existing condition. And, in a huge victory for women’s reproductive health, this bill will significantly increase insurance coverage of reproductive health care, including family planning.

It has been a long and difficult process to get health care passed, and the work isn’t over yet. But we need more than health care; we need women and men elected to office who will stand up for our health and our rights, even when it’s hard. So here’s to the women leaders in Congress — and to the nuns — and to the women everywhere who were counting on them. They need our gratitude and our support.

Well this really says it all, doesn’t it.  It is a sad reality that there are elements within the Church in open warfare against the Church.  Something to remember the next time you receive a fundraising letter from one of the dying orders which helped push through ObamaCare without language banning the use of any funds for abortion. It must of course also be remembered that there were also nuns and sisters from orthodox orders who understood that for a Catholic the fight against abortion is of the highest priority. Go here to read Father Z’s comments.

20 Responses to Planned Parenthood Gives Thanks To Nuns

  1. RL says:

    If I were one of the Catholics in the blogosphere who had worked tirelessly for the last year and a half promoting the Democrats and this health care bill, and arguing against the bishops and other pro-lifers, I’d feel snubbed that Planned Parenthood didn’t thank me. These nuns are just a bunch of late comers to the cause and they got all the glory, while those who were in the trenches throughout didn’t even get a nod except from a handful of fellow travelers in their comboxes. It’s just not fair!

  2. Donald R. McClarey says:

    LOL RL!

  3. American Knight says:

    When they say they are rolling up their sleeves to get more Americans the health care they need and then end the paragraph with ‘family planning’, which we all know is code for killing babies – my heart shudders.

    That is the Devil speaking.

    We are about to get the s*** (stuff) kicked out of us. How long will our prayers hold off His wrath? It isn’t lost on me that we are experiencing numerous earthquakes and volcanoes all of a sudden and I doubt that it is the global warming – more like a global warning!

  4. Joe Hargrave says:

    Why can’t they be expelled, excommunicated, driven out as the pagan heretics that they are?

    It’s time for a purge.

  5. American Knight says:

    Purge, purge, purge!

    I nominate Hargrave as chief inquisitor 🙂

  6. Joe Hargrave says:


    I’d rather be Grand Master of the Knights Templar, to be honest.

  7. American Knight says:

    Don’t they usually get burned at the stake?

  8. Joe Hargrave says:

    Only the last one, to my knowledge – and unjustly, I might add.

  9. Al says:

    This letter from Richards makes it clear the Nuns (including Sr. Donna’s prioress) endorsed abortion as a right as well as condoned the use of artificial birth control since that is a part of family planning & reproductive health care along with abortion. As far as I am concerned, they no longer have the right to call themselves Catholic.

    American Knight asked: “How long will our prayers hold off His wrath?” A question I have long been asking myself.

  10. Spambot says:

    Could not find the link to the original article here, at Fr. Z’s, or the source Fr. Z links to, so here it is:

    (I disagree with some of the commentary here, but I’m disappointed in Joe H. for joining the ranks of the combox excommunicators. Whatever.)

  11. Elaine Krewer says:

    “How long will our prayers hold off His wrath?” A question I have long been asking myself.”

    Same here. Of course, if Obamacare proves to be the economic disaster some fear, and does lead to national fiscal collapse, that may be all the punishment we need.

  12. Elaine Krewer says:

    “Something to remember the next time you receive a fundraising letter from one of the dying orders which helped push through ObamaCare”

    True; however, there may still be much older nuns in some of these orders (80 or 90 or even 100-plus) who never did agree with the false “spirit of Vatican II” that swept through their communities but were outnumbered by the liberals and powerless to change it. A donation specifically for the retired nuns or for their infirmary or skilled care residences might still be appropriate — but I wouldn’t give to any other projects of these orders.

  13. Donald R. McClarey says:

    Quite right Elaine, although I would be careful who was overseeing the expenditure of the donation.

  14. Joe Hargrave says:

    “I’m disappointed in Joe H. for joining the ranks of the combox excommunicators”

    Not nearly as disappointed as I am in the so-called “nuns” that lent support to Obamacare at the critical hour, I can assure you.

  15. Rachel says:

    That photo confirms my belief in hell.

  16. Phillip says:

    Where did you get that photo?

  17. American Knight says:

    I go from saying hosanna to shouting crucify Him and back, multiple times in a day. Our ancestors did it within the week, although most did not come back – they stuck with the crucify. What can possibly make a sister or a nun (assuming that they were not infiltrators to begin with, which is a suspicion I have of pederasts who become priests) purposely, willingly and seemingly gleefully shout crucify Him, crucify Him!?

    Today is a mixed day (heck, what day isn’t?). It is Passion Sunday and it is joyful, yet we read the Passion account in Mass (I cringe with reciting the part of the people out loud – funny, how we find it easier to sin in private than to act the part in public – so sad.). It makes me want to smile and cry.

    So do these nuns and sisters. I want to cry for their lost souls (assuming they keep blaspheming the Holy Spirit). Then I smile, because Our Lady makes it all feel better. Repentance is such a wonderful gift.

    On the one hand I want these women punished for causing scandal, on the other, I want to know what pain they are hiding that has blackened their souls and help them heal. Ah, the mystery of paradox and contradiction. Nothing explains anything like the Cross.

  18. Phillip says:

    Thank-you Don. Just more confirmation of my belief that some “Catholics” voted for Obama not in spite of his support of abortion but rather because of it.

  19. Donald R. McClarey says:

    How sadly true Phillip.

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