And Was Buried

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  1. Donna V. says:

    I love Giotto.

    I have much to do before tomorrow but I wanted to wish all the good folks here a happy and blessed Easter!

  2. Donald R. McClarey says:

    A Happy Easter Donna!

  3. T. Shaw says:

    And descended into hell. In the Inferno, Dante lightly refers to the harrowing of hell.

    Blessed, Happy Easter!

  4. Don the Kiwi says:

    I have never seen our church so full as it was today at the 8 am. mass celebrating the Lord’s ressurection.
    The 10 am. mass is usually fuller than 8 am. They’ll have to stand out in the car park. 😉

    Christ is Risen!

    Happy Easter all. 🙂

  5. Donald R. McClarey says:

    Truly He has risen! Happy Easter Don! 🙂

  6. Indeed, T. Shaw. I just wasn’t able to find a picture of the Harrowing of Hell that I liked as well.

    For a while, when I was growing up, my family had a tradition of making deviled eggs every Holy Saturday in commemoration of the Harrowing. Which has since become my automatic association with the term.

  7. T. Shaw says:

    Hope (the Theological Virtue) and Joy!

    When I was young, my Mom (RIP) had all of us come in before 3PM on every Good Friday we were home, and Mom would read us the Passion with the big family Cross down. I will never forget it.

    Each night when we would leave Mom in the hospital towards the end, my Mom held her Rosary Beads in her hands.

    Each evening when I say my Rosary I think of my Mom’s Rosaries that she said for me and now I also will remember Father Kapaun and all the Rosaries said all over the world.

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