Romance for your Weekend

Though I did argue that Catholic Romanticism isn’t tied to the Romantic era of the 19th century, that era IS still quite amazing. Here are some of my favorite pieces from the era:

Mendelsshon: Hebrides Overture

Schumann: Piano Concerto

Berlioz: Les Nuits d’ete (Summer Nights)

3 Responses to Romance for your Weekend

  1. Moe says:

    Awesome, Joe, as was your essay below. Christ’s words are spoken in many ways, as we see in the Old Testament, but also in those words scattered throughout creation, the flowers, beasts, the Trinity we see in the face of a baby, and the horror found in nature and man. I think that man without God, without faith, and belief in principles above himself, is not capable of ‘Renaissential’ human creative power, but has become a slave of material necessity. Humankind seems to have been cut off from its divine roots.

  2. Joe Hargrave says:

    I think I’ll post three a week.

    Next time, something from Schubert, Bizet, & Chopin I think.

  3. Donna V. says:

    It’s taking me forever, but I am (slowly) working my way through Jacques Barzin’s great work ” From Dawn to Decadence: 500 Years of Western Cultural Life.” Barzun is a great Berlioz enthusiast, so much so that I went out and purchased a couple of Berlioz CD’s (including Les Nuits d’ete) after reading Barzun’s description of his music. (That’s the thing about reading Barzun or fellow cultural critic Clive James – you end up with a long list of books you have to read, or music you have to listen to, because they’re both so good at transmitting their love for the artists that you become afraid you’re missing out on something great.)

    As a rock fan who is trying to expand her musical tastes (because gee, listening to the same stuff you loved when you were 16 gets dull), I appreciate these musical posts a great deal. I’m looking forward to the Chopin one!

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