Earth Day- Catholic-Style!

I love children- I love nature- there isn’t any true contradiction according to my reading of Catholic social teaching. If you love kids you will hate abortion- and if you love kids you will want a clean and beautiful natural environment. Of course, there will be some room for debate on how to achieve the three-fold societal goals of increasing our human populations, and simultaneously, increasing the living standards for everyone (universal common good), and also maintaining or improving the health of the natural environment- all of this must happen together or else pressures will come into play and threaten all three- like the fact of cruel and unusual living standards for many causes some to look at human population growth as the enemy and so they set about attacking the unborn as undesirables. Same for environmental degradation- it tempts the non-believer into pursuing unholy solutions. So, I propose we Catholics get out front on all three fronts- we don’t have to make up a social doctrine- we have one already- all that is needed is serious study, contemplation, and implementation of reasonable plans of action- and let the Holy Spirit take care of the rest!

2 Responses to Earth Day- Catholic-Style!

  1. lynnvinc says:

    This is beautiful. It is exactly what Catholic environmentalism is about, in fact any kind of enviornmentalism. Nearly all environmentalists I’ve known have been moms with children, wanting the best for them. Where is the logic in killing children in order to save the earth for children? Mr. Spock would say it doesn’t compute.

    We weren’t able to have children, and it was a sorrow for many decades, but since becoming an environmentalist — we’ve lowered our GHG emissions by 60% over the past 20 years, along with lowering many other pollutants, while saving money and improving our living standard — I feel I’m giving life to children, or at least not harming them, as I was before.

    Sort of makes me feel like a mom 🙂

  2. Tito Edwards says:

    Excellent ad!

    Now that is the way we are supposed to engage the “worldly” culture.

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