The Liberal Dystopia of Political Correctness

In our world today we are living in what I would refer to as the Liberal Dystopia of Political Correctness.  This thing that our current Holy Father warned us about.

As secular humanism continues its march towards a Dictatorship of Relativism we innocent bystanders suffer the consequences of its fruits when prejudice is rewarded and common sense rejected.

Five years ago this month, in the Mass prior to the Conclave of 2005 A.D., then Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger warned us in his homily that:

“We are building a dictatorship of relativism that does not recognize anything as definitive and whose ultimate goal consists solely of one’s own ego and desires.”

An excellent example of this dictatorship of relativism or as I would name it, liberal dystopia, is the United Kingdom’s Foreign Office anti-Catholic memo on the preparation of Pope Benedict’s visit to Britain.

In this event Anjoum Noorani, another Oxford educated civil servant* of the U.K. Foreign Office, who headed the Papal Visit Team that was planning the Pope’s visit to Britain was only verbally reprimanded for his part in approving and distributing the anti-Catholic memo.

What makes this worse is that the Foreign Office advertised the requirements for the position to lead the Papal Visit Team as “Prior knowledge of the Catholic church is not necessary“.

To add some irony the advertisement also stated, “High levels of tact and diplomacy will be required.

The Foreign Office did not want to discriminate against any volunteers so accepting an illiterate to Catholicism such as Anjoum Noorani, a British national of Pakistani heritage who is not a Catholic, to head the Papal Visit Team was seen as the most prudent and ideal candidate by liberal dystopians.

Because Anjoum Noorani is non-Catholic as well as completely unknowledgeable about the Catholic Church, the Foreign Office did not want to discriminate to what the average person with any common sense would see as a poor candidate to lead the Papal Visit Team.

Of course, the consequences of this enlightened position are self-evident.

Imagine if a non-Muslim civil servant with no knowledge of Islam was allowed to prepare the itinerary of Grand Imam Ahmad Muhammad Tayyib from Al-Azhar Grand Mosque, the closest equivalent to the Pope and the Vatican in Christendom.

If this civil servant wrote in a memo that the Grand Imam would start out his day with bacon for breakfast and then after visit a pig farm, followed by a public visit with Salman Rushdie and the Chief Rabbi of London what do you think would happen if this memo was leaked out?

That individual would have been fired in a New York minute.

Welcome to the Liberal Dystopia of Political Correctness.

Where common sense is frowned upon and inanity rewarded in order to propagate a politically correct world order that is an anathema to our existence.


* Steven Mulvain is the Foreign Office civil servant who wrote the memo while Anjoum Noorani is the one who approved the memo/responsible for the memo being emailed.

2 Responses to The Liberal Dystopia of Political Correctness

  1. Joe Hargrave says:

    Britain has become, as one Russian news commentator put it a while back, “an Orwellian prison camp.”

    I used to dream about visiting the British Isles as a kid because I loved the Middle Ages and my heritage is there.

    Now I wouldn’t be caught dead in that trash heap, a nation of degenerates. Maybe I’ll visit Ireland before the putrid soul-rot of England and Scotland completely consumes it as well.

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