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Today, May 1, is the Victims of Communism Day.  The above video is a nice commentary on the sickening adoration given by some Hollywood elites to some Communist murderers.   This phenomenon is a combination of raw ignorance, historical amnesia, guilt over wealth, loathing for the United States, and an infantile Leftism. 

I pray that the bloody lessons we learned about Communism in the last century will not be repeated in this one.  We do owe the Communist regimes one debt of gratitude however.  They were, and are, living proof that even the most blood-stained regimes cannot forever suppress the human spirit and that all such despotisms ultimately fall.  Human freedom may be denied and crushed, but the desire for freedom put into each human soul by the hand of God will ultimately assert itself, no matter how heavy the odds against it.

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  1. Joe Hargrave says:

    Communism is also proof that most of what the “New Atheism” peddles is a lie that is as vicious as it is unbelievable given the historical evidence – it is secular political ideologies such as communism, and not religions based in a belief in God, that are responsible for most of the murder and mayhem in history.

    Communism is the fruit of man’s pride in his own reason, entirely divorced from and unaided by God whom he rejected, with no recognition of and submission to a being greater than ourselves.

    It’s precursor was the French Revolution, its apotheosis was the Bolshevik Revolution, and its continuing legacy is the penetration and subversion of many Western institutions, including the Church. That the KGB sent spies to the Vatican and infiltrated the seminaries is a historical fact. Bella Dodd told the world about it:

    And what she said was, and remains true:

    “The New York Times reported on March 8, 1954 that Bella Dodd “…warned yesterday that the ‘materialistic philosophy,’ [i.e., dialectical materialism ] which she said was now guiding public education, would eventually demoralize the nation.””

    Here we are.

  2. Linus, K.C., Ks says:

    That is really scary!!

  3. Elaine says:

    Every Catholic home should have a copy of the “Catechism of the Catholic Church, Second Edition” revised in accordance with the official Latin test promulgated by Pope John Paul II, and first printed in the US in March of 2000.

    We must get this Catechism regarding all required beliefs of faith an morals into the hands of all Catholics. Give as gifts. This is the only way to combact the heresies in politics, media, and entertainment industries.

  4. Robertlifelongcatholic says:

    Elaine, Elaine, Elaine. Nice plug but comeon. Not to be sarcastic but this article is talking about something a little more ecumenical than the latest version or Rev. level out of the Vatican. I’m all for prayer and following the precepts of the Catholic Church, but it wasn’t Vatican II or anything out of it that resolved the Cuban missile crisis or the cold war honey. Grow a spine and use your mind. That’s the only way ypu will get any use out of the latest catechism.

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