Palin: The Temptation of Abortion

Hat tip to Ed Morrissey at Hot Air who is on a pro-life role today.  Sarah Palin in her address to the Susan B. Anthony Celebration of Life Breakfast.  Go here to see a video of Palin’s speech.  In her speech Palin made it clear that she understands the temptation of abortion.

Speaking at the Susan B. Anthony List Celebration of Life breakfast, Palin said that when she learned during her pregnancy that Trig would be born with Down syndrome, she “had no idea how I was going to handle the situation of raising a special needs child.”

She said she was struck by “not knowing if my heart was ready, not knowing if I was patient and nurturing enough.”
While she had previously believed that “God will never give me something I cannot handle,” she said, she was left thinking, “I don’t think I can handle this. This wasn’t part of my life’s plan.”

As a busy mother who already had four kids and who was serving as Alaska governor, she wondered how she would handle raising the child, she said. She wondered if her sister, who has a child with autism, would have been better equipped to raise him.

Palin said the experience helped her understand how a woman would consider “even for a split second” having an abortion, “because I’ve been there.”

I have been involved in the pro-life struggle since 1974.  Palin is right on target as to how abortion can seem like a solution to a woman who thinks that she has been presented with a situation that she can’t possibly handle.  That is why legal abortion is so insidious.  It preys upon the desire in all of us that some big problem confronting us would suddenly disappear.  Of course abortion merely transforms a difficulty into a death, leaving the woman with the memory of what might have been.  Ed Morrissey’s personal comment is on point.

Many of us have “been there,” a point missed by those who accuse pro-life activists of heartlessness. I rarely speak of my own “been there” moment, mainly because it’s really not my story anyway. When your high-school student comes home and tells you that his girlfriend is pregnant, many things run through your mind. I’d be lying if I said that abortion never came into those thoughts; however, as with Palin, it had to do with fear of the unknown and of our my own strength. I never considered it an option, however, and instead provided as much love and support for my son as I could in order to allow the best choice to be made. Our granddaughter turns eight years old this month, and is a testimony to the blessings that supporting life over fear can bring.

Being pro-life does not give us immunity to having challenging lives.  It does give us a firm road map of what we must do when confronted with the life of an innocent child and our own desire to avoid a big challenge.  We protect the life of the child and embrace the joys and the tears every new life brings.

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  1. […] Hattip to commenter restrainedradical.  Nick Vujicic is a living refutation of the pro-abort lie that some lives are not worth living.  The joy and energy with which he embraces life with what most people would view as horrifying disabilities reminds me of the behavior of my son with autism.  Life with a physical or mental disability can be very difficult.  Having seen my son deal with autism has given me some of the worst times in my life.  However, witnessing his courage ,  joy and love has also provided me with the best moments in my life.  God gives us life and he gives us courage.  With those two assets it is marvelous to see what we mere mortals can accomplish in the time God allots us. […]

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