A Meek Response to Pro-Choice Rage

Thaddeus M. Baklinski of LifeSiteNews.com reported on a verbally violent encounter in Vancouver, Canada of  presumably a pro-choice/pro-abortion proponent yelling derisive invectives towards pro-life protesters.

The pro-life protesters did not respond to the taunts and intimidation.

They humbly took the abuse until the violent abuser left the scene.

What these protesters did by responding the way they did is a fine example of being meek.

Blessed are the meek: for they shall possess the land.

— Holy Gospel of Saint Matthew 5:4

The following is from the Catholic Encyclopedia of 1907 explaining this Second Beatitude:

Inasmuch as poverty is a state of humble subjection, the “poor in spirit“, come near to the “meek”, the subject of the second blessing. The anawim, they who humbly and meekly bend themselves down before God and man, shall “inherit the land” and possess their inheritance in peace. This is a phrase taken from Psalm 36:11, where it refers to the Promised Land of Israel, but here in the words of Christ, it is of course but a symbol of the Kingdom of Heaven, the spiritual realm of the Messiah. Not a few interpreters, however, understand “the earth”. But they overlook the original meaning of Psalm 36:11, and unless, by a far-fetched expedient, they take the earth also to be a symbol of the Messianic kingdom, it will be hard to explain the possession of the earth in a satisfactory way.

[Warning:  The YouTube video below this fold is full of profanity and other disturbing language.]

(Biretta tip: Thaddeus M. Baklinski of LifeSiteNews.com)

4 Responses to A Meek Response to Pro-Choice Rage

  1. Brian Walden says:

    His mother must be proud

  2. Kevin in Texas says:

    People like this sad young man are to be pitied and prayed for. I applaud the pro-lifers for their peaceful witness here, and it would appear that most of the other bystanders also agreed with them and looked at the guy as if his head were screwed on backwards. Often rage like his is borne of personal guilt that has been unresolved and allowed to fester–it’s possible he participated in or forced a girlfriend to have an abortion and has been very wounded by it. These people need the healing only Christ’s forgiveness and grace can offer.

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