Bye Bye Big XII, Hello Pac-16!

The college football 2010 expansion scramble is on!

The Pac-10 is flexing their muscle for the first time in many years and I’m not talking about winning championships, I’m talking about dinero, mullah, the almighty dollar!

As I have mentioned previously, the Pac-10 will not expand unless it includes Texas or Colorado.  Not Utah or BYU.

Colorado brings in the Denver metropolitan T.V. market and Texas brings in… the entire state of Texas with a nationwide following that is only eclipsed by the University of Notre Shame Dame.

So what has happened since then?

To summarize all the rumors these past three days, the Pac-10 will take Texas, Colorado, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, Texas Tech, and Oklahoma State.

But the Pac-10 needs to hear from those schools, specifically Texas, before the end of 2010 in order to be in a position to negotiate a new television contract for their college football programs.


This is beyond what I expected but it certainly is intriguing and prudent.

It’s prudent because Texas wants Texas A&M in ANY scenario available.  The Big-10 didn’t bring Texas A&M to the table in prior rumors and that is why those rumors died down.

How did this all come about?

There were various variables that occurred simultaneously to bring us to this point.

The first of the two variables were the growing rumors of the Big 10 courting Nebraska and Missouri.  This began to wear on Big XII members with anxieties running high the past several months.

The second of the two variables were the college football scheduling negotiations between the Pac-10 and Big XII concerning non-conference scheduling (similar to the basketball arrangement between these two conferences).

During the course of these talks the behind the doors flirting between Texas and unspecified Pac-10 officials the last four months came out into the open by openly suggesting a merger between the Big XII and Pac-10.  The leaks from these negotiations morphed into six Big XII members joining the Pac-10.

Because the open rumor of Missouri playing patty-cake with the Big 10 took a toll on the unity of the Big XII, Texas became open to moving to the Pac-10 on condition that Texas A&M and Texas Tech came along for the ride.

The Pac-10 sweetened the pot and threw in Oklahoma and the Red River Rivalry and the rest is history.  Colorado of course always being into play and Oklahoma State or another school coming in to round out the Pac-10 to the Pac-16.

And then all Hell broke loose (figuratively speaking of course).

A rash of emails from Ohio State officials began between them and Big-10 officials about Texas not wanting to join the Big-10 because Texas Tech was not to be invited.

Which then got Texas A&M officials all worried (why, I have absolutely no idea why because Texas won’t go anywhere without Texas A&M) and they began exchanging messages with SEC officials.

If your head is spinning you haven’t seen anything yet!

The 2005 ACC raid on the Big East will look like child’s play once the Pac-10 is done devouring the bulk of the Big XII.

How will a new Pac-16 look like?  The Pac will split into two divisions.  The six Big XII schools will form one division with Arizona and Arizona State (thus uniting former Border Conference rivals Arizona and Texas Tech) with the remaining eight Pac schools configuring the other division.

Say goodbye to the Big XII.

Why would Texas go to the Pac-10?  Well money.  Second of all Texas isn’t as southern as it used to be.  It’s liberal.  At least the administration is and they feel more at home with the Nancy Pelosi’s of the world rather than with “W”.  It’s seems simple, but think about it.  Austin is pretty liberal for a southern town and they would feel more at home with the Pac-10 than us southern folk.

With that said, he is my prognostications of how the conferences will look if the above scenario comes to fruition:

Big 10 invites the following to keep up with fellow power conference Pac-16:

  • Nebraska (from Big XII)
  • Missouri (from Big XII)
  • Pittsburgh (from Big East)
  • Rutgers (from Big East)
  • Syracuse (from Big East)

The 12 school SEC can do whatever they want since they believe the world centers around them (which it doesn’t).  Sober minds should prevail and an invitations should go out from the most likely to the least likely:

  • Virginia Tech (from ACC)
  • Virginia (from ACC)
  • North Carolina (from ACC)
  • North Carolina State (from ACC)
  • West Virginia (from Big East)
  • Maryland (from ACC)
  • The remaining two will come from these three schools: West Virginia, Maryland, and TCU from the Mountain West Conference (TCU may be a wild card interchangeable with West Virginia and MarylandTCU would also bring in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area AND the rich football recruiting state of Texas.
  • Note:  Florida will want to protect their recruiting pool, so Florida State and Miami won’t be invited.  Same for Georgia, they won’t invite Georgia Tech to protect their Atlanta market.  Same for South Carolina, they won’t invite Clemson.  LSU won’t invite Houston, which has a large LSU alumni base.  Kentucky won’t invite Louisville.  Tennessee and Vanderbilt won’t invite Memphis.  All for similar territorial reasons.

The ACC will be smarting from the SEC’s raid and so they may or may not respond due to the shallow pool of candidate schools available.  But if they do respond here are the most most likely to least likely invitations:

  • UConn (from the Big East)
  • Louisville (from the Big East)
  • Cincinnati (from the Big East)
  • West Virginia (from the Big East) and Memphis (from Conference USA;  if the SEC passes on them, but takes Maryland)
  • East Carolina (from Conference USA; if West Virginia is not available and Maryland is not taken)
  • The ACC will remain a 12 team conference unless of course it wants to go to 12.  But considering the lack of solid candidates available (c’mon East Carolina?), I doubt they will want to grow further.

Which leaves us the the one team Big East, South Florida.  The Big East football conference dissolves and South Florida jumps to Conference USA.

Which leaves an open BCS spot that should go to the Mountain West Conference.


Because the Mountain West Conference (MWC) has been doing much better in bowl games than the Big East the past few years.  In addition they are on track to gaining the next BCS spot at the next BCS T.V. negotiations.

But the MWC will expand to solidify their claim, regardless if TCU stays or goes, to the vacant Big East berth by inviting:

  • Kansas (from the Big XII)
  • Kansas State (from the Big XII)
  • Boise State (from the WAC)
  • The MWC is very pragmatic.  They could care less if they are a 9, 11, or 12 team conference.  They want to solidify their claim to the soon to be vacant BCS birth first, worry about numbers later.

Which leaves the Big XII with just Iowa State and Baylor to fend for themselves.  Baylor jumps to Conference USA and Iowa State jumps to the WAC.

The Western Athletic Conference (WAC) will breathe a sigh of relief and so will Conference USA.  Both pick up Iowa State, Baylor, and South Florida.  The MAC and the Sunbelt Conference remain in tact and the dust settles for at least another 8-12 years.

You say there’s another vacant BCS birth available?  Yes there is if the Big XII dissolves.  But who can legitametly claim that vacant spot?

The Western Athletic Conference comes the closest to it, but if Boise State jumps to the MWC they really don’t have much else to offer outside of Fresno State, Hawaii, and Nevada.

If the WAC is smart enough they should go after SMU, Houston, and Memphis of Conference USA and ensure Boise State remains.  SMU is the next TCU.  SMU also carries the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area.  Houston brings in a mega-metropolitan area and an up and coming program.  And Memphis brings in a solid basketball program with a brilliant young coach along with a large metropolitan area.


(Source:  ESPN)

61 Responses to Bye Bye Big XII, Hello Pac-16!

  1. I think Texas will do what’s best for Texas. As long as they get to play each other, Texas doesn’t care where A&M goes. The TX state legislaure simply wants to make sure A&M and Tech don’t get left out in the cold. So if Texas can make a lot of money in the Pac-10 and A&M wants to go to the SEC, I think that’ll happen.

    As for the SEC invites, I think Maryland and NC State are ridiculous; those schools give nothing to the SEC (well, Maryland gives the TV market of Baltimore, but the SEC doesn’t care about tv markets but rather the product. Neither school has a good football program). I doubt UNC would ever leave Duke and Duke isn’t coming to the SEC (b/c those two want the conference games in basketball).

    I doubt TCU leaves the Mountain West for the SEC, especially with Boise now going there and under your scenario them picking up the Kansases.

    The virginias are an intriguing possibility. I think VT is more likely than Virginia: VT is a football school whereas Virginia cares more about the better academics found in the ACC (nice way of saying their football team isn’t very good). WV is really interesting, b/c I don’t think the Big East in both football and basketball is very appealing. The problem is that they’re a little north but it’s an option.

    I don’t buy your arguments about the no-invites. The question is money, not recruiting. I think Georgia Tech, FSU, and Miami are very much on the table, as they add to the quality of the SEC’s product, which has been the main drive behind the SEC’s success. We don’t need a tv network b/c our teams have been good enough to make money by winning BCS games and titles; those schools add to that quality. It also should be said that some schools may have more than a say than others: LSU, Bama, Florida, Georgia, and Tenn get says. South Carolina is just thankful to be at the party, and will get laughed at if it tries to stop Clemson. That said, Houston, Memphis, and Louisville won’t get invites b/c they’re not good enough, especially in football, to merit invites. There are too many better teams to invite first before spots trickle down (unless the SEC started booting Vandy and Miss. St.).

    While I hate the expansions, the “what if” scenarios and guessing games are a lot of fun.

  2. Tito Edwards says:


    I love “what if” scenarios as well.

    As of this comment, the scenarios have changed again.

    Before I get into that I want to address the SEC and your insightful comments.

    I agree, the SEC doesn’t care much about anything (why did they invite South Carolina in the first place?).

    They want proximity and rivalry.

    But if I were to guess where the SEC wants to go it is with Miami and FSU. The problem lies with Florida.

    Do they want to share the Florida recruiting pools by legitimizing their two in-state rivals?

    Ever wondered why TCU, SMU, Houston and Rice never got invited to the Big-12? It’s because Texas wanted to protect their recruiting areas of Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston. Do you think Waco and Lubbock add anything to the table? C’mon!

    Same for Florida. I could see FSU coming in… maybe. Only because they are in a small market but they are a powerhouse.

    Miami I find difficult to join. First of all they aren’t ‘southern’.

    Second of all Miami is way-off the beaten track.

    I lived in the deep south (Alabama) and I enjoyed watching SEC fans criss-cross the state with their school banners waving from their car windows.

    Miss, LSU, Miss State, Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, etc. All those schools are within a 4-8 hour driving distance. Heck even Florida and Georgia play in a neutral site just to cut down on driving!

    Hence why Miami is the longest shot of them all.

    North Carolina and NC State would be tough. Yes, they don’t want to part from Duke, but Duke brings nothing to the SEC table (football wise). VoTech won’t go unless UVA comes along. Especially when UVA alumni worked over time to bring VoTech into the ACC. VoTech should return the favor.

    W.Virginia, Maryland, and TCU are the last bunch to get in.

    I don’t think TCU would hesitate for a second to leave the MWC. Yes, the MWC is a very good conference, but TCU wants BIG TIME and SEC is that.

    The TCU alum are still smarting from being left out of the Big 12 (they can thank Texas) so they want to return to big time football.

    Remember, TCU has won a national championship before.

    I think Maryland would be a natural fit bringing in Washington DC-Baltimore into the mix.

    West Virginia has the SEC spirit in fan enthusiasm, but they are far as you mentioned.

    Now to the breaking news.

    The Pac-10 commissioner, Larry Scott has been given full authority by the university presidents to pursue expansion under any model as of this Sunday (June 6).

    So hello Big XII!

    Baylor seems to have Texas legislators working over time to ensure that Baylor gets in when the Pac-10 invitations come around. Which means that Colorado gets bumped.

    Ironically, this all hinges on Nebraska.

    The Big XII has given Nebraska (and Mizzu) until this Friday to commit to the Big XII or leave (for the Big 10).

    So if Nebraska leaves, the Pac-10 will be issuing invitations to UT, TA&M, TT, UO, OSU, and Colorado/Baylor.

    The Big 10, Delany, doesn’t want to be a spectator in all this.

    So with the Pac-10 giving the go-ahead to Larry Scott to expand, he’s not going to sit on the fence.

    Expect Delany (Big 10) to invite Nebraska (and possibly Mizzu) before Friday of this week.

    Which would trigger the Pac-10 invitations.

    Which would spell the end of the Big XII.


  3. c matt says:

    Which legislators have been clamouring for BU? we should have cut that bear carcass years ago. I would much prefer Colorado, but I could see them following Nebraska to maybe revmp their rivalry.

  4. Tito Edwards says:

    On second thought of Baylor bumping Colorado…

    If BYU can’t get into the Pac-10 I find it hard to believe the they would ask Baylor.

    Texas is happy that Tech and A&M will be getting their invitations (if they come) to come join them along with Oklahoma.

    As far as Baylor alumni saying they just bumped Colorado, I find it hard to believe considering the rich athletic tradition of CU AND the large metropolitan area of Denver matching up with Baylors rich tradition of ??? and the greater metropolitan area of Waco.

    Maybe Oklahoma State may be bumped, but Colorado?

  5. Tito Edwards says:

    C Matt,

    Baylor regent Buddy Jones. He is the one lobbying the Texas legislature of pushing Baylor to be the sixth invitee.

    They are really worried down there in Waco!

  6. Tito Edwards says:

    Hot off the presses:

    The Mizzu board of regents meet this Thursday and Friday.

    Nebraska has an emergency meeting this Friday with their board that was requested by AD Tom Osborne a little over a month ago. The email request was sent the day after Ohio State head coach visited Tom Osborne.

    This Friday afternoon could be the most tense moment in Big XII history.


  7. Jay Anderson says:

    Rich athletic tradition of CU?

    C’mon! What a frickin’ joke! They have one National Championship in football that was a complete fluke after being given an extra down to score a TD. Otherwise a 10-1-1 season is a shaky 9-2-1 season. No way an undefeated Georgia Tech (11-0-1) should’ve had to share a national title with the Fluffaloes. What else do they have besides a bunch of hippies and flakes in Boulder? Admittedly, that bunch would fit in better with the Pac-10 weirdos than the straight-laced folks down in Waco.

    As for Baylor’s rich athletic traditions, y’all don’t know squat about what you’re talking about. Baylor’s football program has fallen on hard times over the last decade (so has Colorado’s, by the way), but had a proud history before then. Baylor’s basketball program (men’s and women’s) have been quite successful lately, including a women’s National Championship. And they’ve been solid in baseball, track and field (Michael Johnson? Jeremy Wariner? Ring a bell?), tennis, etc., for decades.

    Colorado brings nothing to the table athletically that Baylor doesn’t also bring. All they have to offer is the Denver market.

  8. […] sometimes it’s hard to see this good. In sports today, we have college football conferences raiding each other in pursuit of the all-mighty dollar, destroying the wonderful regional nature of the game. We have […]

  9. Big Tex says:

    Fluffaloes… Ha! I expected Jay to chime in as it pertains to Baylor. Frankly, I (a proud Texas Aggie) would rather have Baylor than CU. There is tradition between Baylor and the other schools in Texas. CU strikes me as a school that, well, would do well to join their in-state rival, if that were ever an option. In the same vein, I don’t expect Okie Light to get bumped. Intrastate rivalries in conference are a big deal. Why do you think t.u. wanted A&M and Tech to come along for the ride? They are big games, with high attendance and viewership, which translates to more revenue.

  10. Tito Edwards says:


    If it helps any I was using Colorado’s “rich tradition” relative to Baylor’s.

    And yes, I also don’t agree that Colorado deserved that Fifth-Touchdown Mythical National Championship.



    Colorado’s campus and academic culture mirrors that of UCLA, secular, hedonistic, and shallow. Hence why Colorado is more of a “wine-and-cheese” football watching crowd as opposed to Texas A&M’s “beer-and-bratz” football watching crowd.

    Plus the Denver market. The Waco market falls a bit short in delivering a large television market.

  11. Jay Anderson says:

    I don’t even buy that Colorado has a richer athletic history relative to Baylor’s, at least not across ALL sports.

    MAYBE in football with the single fluke of a National Championship. But, even then, I struggle to name more than 1 or 2 Colorado players that had any success in the NFL, whereas Baylor has a history of players that went on to excel at the next level. Let’s take, for example, arguably the best player to come out of Baylor – Mike Singletary. One of the top 2 or 3 middle linebackers to EVER play the game, captain of a Super Bowl championship team, and current NFL head coach.

    The best player to come out of Colorado? His NFL team couldn’t even decide which position to put him at – thus the “Slash”, and he wasn’t all that good at either one of them.

  12. Tito Edwards says:


    I’d be happy to default to your point because you grew up in this part of the country and probably know more than I do about the comparisons.

    Which brings us back to whom the Pac-10 will choose.

    This just in:

    Colorado has already received an invitation.

    The Pac-10 (allegedly) will extend invitations to TX, TXA&M, TT, OSU, and OU soon.

    Those remaining five invites will be extended the moment the Big-10 invites and Nebraska accepts an invite (no word on Missouri).

    So all the late breaking politicking that Baylor has done has come to nought.

    Read it and weep poor Baylor students, alumni, fans, and staff:

    Remember, both Nebraska and Missouri are meeting with their Board of Regents tomorrow (Thursday and Friday). So expect it to be quite hectic in the sporting world tomorrow morning!!!

    Bear Down!



  13. Tito Edwards says:

    OK, I’m gathering information on all these news updates, but I’ll post them here as I get them…

    It is being reported that an invite has been extended and will be accepted tomorrow, Thursday (June 10).

    It’s all but a formality now.

    The Big XII will be on life support for two more years.

    It’s interesting to note that Missouri is not mentioned anywhere (at least I haven’t found it among the Internet or my network of AD officials).

  14. This writer claims the SEC is pursuing A&M.

    Not sure where that’ll go; still looks most likely that a&m follows Texas to the Pac-16 but we’ll see.

    If this all happens as expected, the questions then shift: is the Big 10 done now that it has its prize of Nebraska? Where does Kansas & co go? Did the MWC hold off including Boise b/c it expected to snap up the Big 12 leftovers? And what does Notre Dame and the SEC, who both claimed they wouldn’t change unless something big happened do? Was this big enough for them to start considering losing independence and start raiding the ACC/Big East?

    And of course, does this push us closer to making a playoff an unfortunate reality?

    And also, how awesome is it that USC won’t be in a bowl game for 2 years? haha!

  15. Jay Anderson says:

    The whole thing is a travesty for college football, and who knows how it will all shake out.

    But my despair is definitely tempered by seeing the Trojans (and their little boy coach) get their comeuppance.

  16. Tito Edwards says:

    Looks like Nebraska will formally accept the invitation on Friday.

    The Big 10’s next step is either Notre Dame or Rutgers if they decide to add more schools. And after those two, surprisingly, Maryland!

    Late last night (Wednesday, June 9) it has been reported that Texas AD gathered all the TX coaches and told them they tried their best in keeping Nebraska and the Big XII together.

    Which means that in all likelihood that they and TXA&M, TT, OU, and OSU will be headed to the Pac-10.

    Colorado also met last night and will jump to the Pac-10.

    Funny that Missouri, that started all this, is thus far snubbed.

    Big East is interested in Kansas and Kansas State.

    Texas A&M has spoken with the SEC, but will opt for the more superior conference the Pac-10.

    If the Big XII does stay together, in whatever format, there is a strong possibility that Missouri will be kicked out of the conference due to the obvious reasons.

    There are no strong reports that the Big 10 will add anymore teams beyond Nebraska, which isn’t good news for Missouri. Especially if the Big 10 adds more teams Missouri is not in any rumors thus far.


  17. Jay Anderson says:

    I think the SEC is actually a MUCH better fit for A&M from a tradition standpoint. Alabama (with the Bear Bryant ties) and LSU would be natural rivalries for the Ags.

    Besides, East Texas, including Bryan-College Station, is far more Southern than it is Western.

    I wonder if the Big 10 would be willing to take a chance on Baylor or Tech just to get their feet into the Texas market. Waco may not be much of a market, but it is fairly centrally located between the Dallas and Houston markets. The Big 10 network could possibly find a lucrative spot on cable networks in those cities.

    Heck, if the Big 10 ever entices Notre Dame to join, that’d create a natural rivalry between the wayward Catholics of ND and the wayward Baptists of BU.

  18. Tito Edwards says:

    You know, after reading Big Tex’s article, a move by Texas A&M to the SEC is almost a no-brainer.

    Get out of UT’s shadow into a great conference. Travel would be less and the potential rivalries enormous.

    Plus the opportunity to catch up and pass UT in AD dollars and prestige.

    Good one Big Tex.

  19. Big Tex says:

    Moreover, the Ags and ‘sips keep their T-Day rivalry going with a super cross-conference clash… imagine the revenues for something like that. I’m leaning towards the SEC for my beloved Aggies, albeit a tough conference in which to stand out. Yet, I’m not opposed to them joining the PAC-10/16 since I currently reside north of Seattle. Oh to see them play football and basketball again without the need of an airplane!

    And if A&M does happen to bolt for the SEC, this leaves an additional spot for Baylor to grab in the PAC-10/16. And just my opinion here, but I’ve always thought the SEC to be a better conference than the PAC-10.

  20. jonathanjones02 says:

    My heart wants us (the Aggies) in the SEC, but my head says Pac-10. We would excel in all sports in the SEC, except for the revenue one. It’s the best football conference – they know it, we know it, and I’m a bit afraid of it.

    There’s been some Big 10 talk, but I think it’s smoke. forums is the place for legit, informed gossip (amid all the bs).

    Fun times…..

  21. Tito Edwards says:

    It’s official:

    Colorado is now the Pac-10’s 11th member.

    Announcement at 12:30pm Central time.

    If Nebraska doesn’t jump to the Big-10 and the Big-XII remains intact, Utah would be invited to the Pac-10 to become the 12th member.

  22. Tito Edwards says:

    Pac-10 Announcement on Colorado being the 12th member:

    Missouri nervous about lack of Big-10 invite. If Big-XII remains alive, Missouri may be voted out.

  23. Tito Edwards says:

    You beat me to the punch Big Tex (and thanks by the way 🙂

    If I were TX and A&M I would leverage the Pac-10 offer to the hilt.

    From their perspective, the SEC is a logical choice.

    But apparently they want the Big-10 considering that Notre Dame has been in weeklong discussions (this past weekend) about joining the Big-10 on condition it remains at 14. Which would contradict “rumors” of TX and A&M possibly joining (and throw in Rutgers to boot).

    Apparently to the links you provided, the situation is “fluid”… which is an understatement.

  24. Edris says:

    With Nebraska departing the Big 10 the likelihood of the mass exodus of the South is near certainty. I hope the remaining Big 12 North schools negotiate a deal with the Big East.

  25. Tito Edwards says:

    Nebraska officially now a Big-10 school.–20100611,0,5652144.story

    Boise State jumps to Mountain West.

    Missouri has no invite, Big-XII remaining members not happy with a new Big-XII with Missouri, may vote out.

    Texas to make decision on Tuesday.

    TX A&M pursuing SEC.

    OU & OSU rumors are they will join Pac-10.

    TX Tech will go wherever Texas goes.

    KU, KSU, IS, and Baylor left out of any expansion plans.

    Rumor is Big East interested in KU and KSU. As well as Mountain West.

    Iowa State and Baylor left out to dry.

  26. Tito Edwards says:

    Last update until Saturday.

    If Texas A&M goes to the SEC, which has been confirmed that A&M AND the SEC are in talks, then Kansas and not Utah would replace A&M as the part of the “five” Big-XII schools to go to the Pac-10.,0,2447618.story


  27. Ashley says:

    Nebraska can’t stand the heat (Texas) so they are getting out of the ktichen. Too bad Ohio State, Michigan, and Iowa will also beat them. I wonder where the Cornhuskers will go next in search of the elusive championship season.

  28. Arron says:

    I think it would be great if the Big 2 didn’t give up rights to the name forcing the Big 10 to stay the Big 10 with 12 schools

  29. Tito Edwards says:

    If Texas A&M jumps to the SEC, Texas has said they WILL NOT schedule anymore games with the Aggies.

    A direct response to the rumblings of A&M wanting the SEC. Sources say they have the votes on their Board of Regents to jump to the SEC.

    Wow, talk about political arm-twisting.

    It’s official, Texas has turned down the SEC. They are leaning heavily towards the Pac-10 over the Big-10. No decisions will be made until this coming Tuesday at the earliest.

    Oklahoma wants to go the SEC, and the SEC is interested, but the SEC won’t take Oklahoma State. OU needs OK legislature approval where OSU grads outnumber OU grads, so Pac-10 here the Cowboys and Sooners come! Plus OU has stated they will go where TX goes. Same for Oklahoma State and Texas Tech, they will go where Texas goes.

    TCU has vetoed all talk of the Mountain West extending an invitation to Baylor. Sore feelings after getting snubbed by the Big-XII in favor of Baylor.

    Sources confirmed that Kansas has jumped ahead of Utah to enter the Pac-10 if A&M goes to the SEC.

    This is interesting: IF the Pac-10 became the Pac-16, the league would split into two divisions, BUT have NO championship game. Instead they would opt the BCS for a second AQ BCS spot (I’m assuming they think they will inherit the Big-XII spot– MWC may be a bit upset about this).

  30. Ashley says:

    Sick and tired of the waiting. Wish Texas would just make their desicion public and get this all over with.

  31. Aurelia says:

    Texas seems to be playing their hand close the their chest right now. The remaining Big 12 South schools will go wherever they go (except A&M might join SEC) and poor Baylor is shut out in the cold. For their sakes (and Iowa State in the North) I hope Texas decides to remain a big 12 member

  32. Big Tex says:

    Some interesting speculation on the whole drama… the why’s behind it all. Texas (UT) doesn’t come out looking pretty.

  33. Tom says:

    This is interesting. I forgot how much money the remaining schools could make from the penatly fees. The remaining 5 schools could try to broker a football alliance with the Big East but remain the Big 12 in name.
    Officials from five Big 12 schools — Kansas, Missouri, Kansas State, Iowa State and Baylor — held a conference call on Saturday, The Kansas City Star reported. The schools agreed they would like to continue as members of the Big 12.
    The five potential teams that could be left in the Big 12 if the exodus of five others continues to the Pac-10 would be wise to remain together, a conference commissioner with experience dealing with expansion told’s Andy Katz.
    The reason is simple: The five remaining schools would be due a huge payday and ultimately could salvage automatic berths to the NCAA tournament and possibly the BCS through expansion themselves.
    The commissioner, who didn’t want to be identified because he’s involved in the ongoing realignment of college athletics, told Katz it would be critical for Kansas, Kansas State, Missouri, Baylor and Iowa State to maintain the Big 12 as an entity or corporation.
    “The assets, the amount of money that they would be due by exit fees back to the corporation would be huge,” said the commissioner. “Rather than dissolve the Big 12, they are better off as a Big 12 entity then moving to the Mountain West.”
    Taken from:

  34. Tito Edwards says:

    Thanks Big Tex!

    Breaking (rumors) News:

    Big-XII Commish Beebe seems to have convinced UT to stay with the Big-XII. Gene Stallins (A&M) Regent is of the same mind of staying with the Big-XII.

    Of course this is all rumor, but personally (I’m a HUGE Pac-10 fan), I like this outcome.

    Arizona gets to stay with the LA schools instead of being shipped out to the Texas boondocks and away from their prime recruiting areas.

    Funny, the Big-10 has 12 teams and the Big-XII has 10 teams.

    So if the Big-XII remains as is (10 teams), Kansas and A&M staying, then Utah jumps again to the forefront of getting an invitation.

    Remember the Pac-10 wants only Colorado and UT. No UT (packaged deal with Utah), no Utah.

    But stranger things have happened.


  35. Jay Anderson says:

    Big Tex,

    What kind of self-respecting Aggie refers to Texas as “UT”? You should be ashamed of yourself.

    (Note: the 3 or 4 people in my vast extended family who didn’t attend Baylor are/were Aggies.)

  36. Tito Edwards says:


    My bad as well.

    I normally refer to “them” at TU-Austin.

  37. Jay Anderson says:

    I think the Big 12 should take TCU and Houston and call themselves the … “Southwest Conference”.


  38. Jay Anderson says:

    Ah, hell, throw in SMU just for old times’ sake.

  39. Big Tex says:

    I want TCU. And toss in SMU. Ship OU and Okie Lite to the North.

    Jay, it was a lapse in judgment. UT is in Tennessee. t.u. is in Texas.

  40. I admit to having started liking the idea of playing Texas A&M every year. I’m going miss that idea. I also feel like I just wasted a week for nothing. I think Texas A&M is stupid for not joining the SEC and continuing to dwell in Texas’s shadow.

    That said, I am very glad that college football will remain regional and not move towards these hideous mega-conferences that would have destroyed the close-knit nature of the game. In that, I guess I’ll take the sacrifice of not having another SEC West rival. Hopefully LSU will indulge us and schedule a home & home with the Aggies as that would be a lot of fun.

  41. Tito Edwards says:

    Jay & Big Tex,

    Considering now that 4 of the remaining ten are the original SWC and by adding TCU, SMU, and Houston, the old SWC members would outnumber the leftover Big-8 6.

    Now the fun of speculation.

    BYU was the original “12th” member until Baylor cried like the annoying little brother wanting in on the new Big-XII in ’96.

    What two teams could you all see entering the Big-XII.

    BYU? TCU? Arkansas? Utah?

    TCU seems like a natural fit.

    There has been speculation of Arkansas wanting into the Big-12 in the past and Utah seems on the verge of being the next BCS powerhouse if they keep crashing the BCS as they do each year.

  42. Big Tex says:

    Michael, not sure what your affiliation is, but as an Aggie, I was hoping to join the SEC. It’s a natural fit, culturally speaking. Heck, we even had a list of a few “demands” going in:

    1. NASCAR? Not so much. Come check out a rodeo.

    2. BBQ – beef brisket, not pork. We’ll let you put slaw on your slow cooking, but don’t expect us to like it.

    3. We like our tea sweetened to individual taste after brewing. Its ice tea, not sweet tea. Don’t worry, all of our restaurants have sugar and sweet ‘n low at the table

    4. The Alamo – some of your state’s settlers probably died there. You better remember it!

    5. As much as I don’t like Austin, their country music is much better than Nashville. Pat Green’s older stuff, Corey Morrow, Roger Creager, the Derailers, etc… You should broaden your horizons, throw out that Faith Hill crap, and get some of the good stuff.

    6. On April 21, don’t bother calling on your Aggie friends. We’re busy that day.

    7. Absolutely NO bonfire jokes! I am unaware of anything off limits, so please feel free to inform us. But the only time I have ever punched an adult is when a t-sip made a joke about it. (To be fair, we dont joke about the tower sniper either.)

  43. Big Tex says:

    So, if the Big XII goes back to twelve or so members, the conference MUST court TCU. They’ve had tremendous success in football lately. SMU would probably be another ho-hum game. Not sure that they have fully recovered from the death penalty yet. Houston? Cougar High? Sure, what the heck!

  44. Tito Edwards says:

    Big Tex,

    Michael is an alum of LSU.

    I call it graduating from 3rd grade.


  45. Tito Edwards says:

    I prefer my “sweet tea” with the sugar brewed along with the tea.

    That is Southern!

  46. Tito Edwards says:

    Learn something new everyday.

    That makes sense.

    When I moved from Alabama to Houston I had the hardest time finding Southern sweet tea. Now I understand why, it ain’t Texan.

  47. Jay Anderson says:

    And now I’m going to have to issue another “shame on you” to Big Tex for failing to list his fellow Aggie alums Robert Earl Keen and Lyle Lovett among the Texas music artists who kick the crap out of anything that comes out of Trashville.

  48. Big Tex says:

    Hey now… that was a copy and paste job. I didn’t want to corrupt the original source. But Roger Creager is an Aggie.

  49. Big Tex says:

    Just got chills watchin’ that.

  50. Jay Anderson says:

    Hey Big Tex,

    REK’s playing in Cincy tonight and then in Columbus next Tuesday.

    Unfortunately, he’s opening for the Dave Matthews Band on both nights, and I can’t afford the $80 ticket (plus travel expenses) to then have to suffer through getting a 2nd-hand high off the doobies of a bunch of hippies.

    I could get probably get roughly the same qualitative experience for a lot less money by buying some pot and accompanying paraphernalia, scrounging up some smelly socks to replicate the smell of unshowered, hairy-pitted flower children, and putting “Live at the Ryman” into the CD player.

  51. Big Tex says:

    He comes out to the Seattle area later this year. 🙂

  52. Jay Anderson says:

    Cool. Hope you get to go.

    I saw him at the Jefferson Theater in Charlottesville when we were visiting my wife’s family at Easter. It was even better than the show I saw down at Floore’s Country Store last summer.

  53. Big Tex:

    I think Texas A&M would have been a great cultural fit for the SEC. I enjoyed reading some about our previous rivalry (A&M v. LSU) and I hope the interest shown by a lot of LSU fans towards a&m will spur a series between the two schools in the future.

    As far as courting SMU or TCU, I think it’s out of the question. The Big 12 is banking on smaller being better i.e. that by having smaller slices of pie to make, each school can make more money. If TCU or SMU come in, there is less money for Texas to make. So no SMU/TCU for the Big 12.

    Of course, this theory of the Big 12 is apparently based on estimates of TV revenue. If those estimates are too high (which I would imagine they probably are) then we’ll be right back here.


    I love that blog you quoted, by the way.


    I would have hoped that between Arizona and ASU, one of them would have taught you the creativity necessary to come up with insults more original than “graduating from 3rd grade.” Sadly, it appears those vaunted Pac-10 academics aren’t quite up to the billing outside of California.


  54. Tito Edwards says:

    Pac-10 has invited Utah.

    Utah will have a board of trustee meeting tomorrow (Thursday, June 17) to vote on the move, which should be a formality. But then again similar minds said the same about Texas up until this past Sunday.


    I wanted to make sure you understood the joke considering where you graduated from.


  55. Tito Edwards says:

    Rumors abound on the makeup of the Pac-10 assuming Utah accepts.

    The latest is a North-South division format.

    Arizona, ASU, USC, UCLA, Colorado, and Utah in the South.

    Washington, Oregon, California, Stanford, Oregon State, and Washington State in the North.

    I like the setup better than the Pac-16 format.

    Arizona and ASU remain with USC and UCLA, plus we get to kick around lightweights Colorado and Utah.

    Thanks for the Denver and Salt Lake City markets boys!

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