Christie to Teachers Union: You Punch Them, I Punch You

There was a time when unions were needed.

Today not so much.

The New Jersey Educational Association (NJEA)  represents what is wrong with this country and this is entitlement.

Governor Chris Christie needs your help to eliminate the cancer that is the NJEA.

Please pray for him and the people of New Jersey as they engage the culture of entitlement.


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7 Responses to Christie to Teachers Union: You Punch Them, I Punch You

  1. restrainedradical says:

    Unions are still needed. It’s more than an entitlement, it’s a fundamental human right. That said, public-sector unionism doesn’t work very well. Unlike in the private sector, those who control the purse strings of government employees don’t gain anything by tightening them. In fact, they gain power by meeting union demands. I don’t know what the solution is.

  2. Donald R. McClarey says:

    One of the few encouraging aspects of living in rough times is, if you are lucky, sometimes leaders emerge who are up to the challenge. Chris Christie might just be such a man. He certainly is refreshingly unwilling to simply go with the politics as usual that has helped land us in this sea of unending debt.

  3. afl says:

    I am not totally sure unions are still necessary in all areas. In many areas they have become a hoarder of dollars and fat cats at the executive positions.
    You can start with the Teamsters, AFL_CIO,Public Employees, etc..a few people in places of authority evoke their will on the members. How many polls do they take and ask their members for advise. Do they really represent their members in ther wheeling and dealing and are their polcies and use of members dues being used efficently. What do they add to K-12 yrs for teachers who have to put in their own dollars to buy supplies for their students. When have their unions used the dues to add computers or books to school districts or scholarship grants to students instead of spending millions on politics.

  4. Art Deco says:

    It is not a ‘human right’, much less a fundamental one, to work only on multi-year contracts, to saddle your employer with a dense web of negotiated work rules, to shut down a worksite, and to cede power in industrial relations to boss-ridden faux democratic collectives.

    Why not strip Wagner Act unions of their status as bargaining agents and let them expire? We could replace them with a mix of producer co-operatives and company unions.

    Public sector unions are predatory and should be dissolved. There is no just reason that legislative bodies should delegate authority over public expenditure to them.

  5. Phillip says:

    While CST notes that workers have the right to organize, it also notes that big unions can work against the common good. One analysis of part of the current problems in Europe:

  6. Don L says:

    As a very conservative, traditional Catholic,gun-toting Korean vet, market-oriented, ex-stock broker, parent, teacher and ex-local teacher’s union president, I caution blanket attacks upon teachers. When they were receiving less pay than a store clerk, and had no power, no one cared a hoot about them or living wages, and so they paid them with benefits in lieu of money – no Social security elegibility etc. Now, and only since, that self-serving mentality by society has backfired (those expensive pensions) they are scapegoated by far too many who ought to realize that there are many conservatives in their ranks who (like myself) loathe and won’t join the national leftist unions and vote – gasp – GOP.

    The power their unions now have is because of previous societal neglect – otherwise few would have ever joined such organization.

    As Pogo says….

    By the way: Christie for president!

    As an aside, there is more validity to protect (tenure)workers(teachers) from the government who gives and takes away their jobs, than in the private sectors. I have worked in both extensively and I can assure you that the tenure that was instituted to protect teacher from parents and politicians is absolutely essential. Try giving the Board of Ed’s daughter a mere “c” grade – or disagreeing with immoral curriculum at a staff meeting, or getting older and expensive to the school system and being harassed to leave that they mightr hire two (cute?)young teachers if they succeed.

    Grievance is justice -the system is fair.
    One last comment about teacher unions and their advocacy of abortion. Has anyone in history ever been so ignorant as to kill off their future clientele?

  7. Art Deco says:

    When they were receiving less pay than a store clerk, and had no power, no one cared a hoot about them or living wages, and so they paid them with benefits in lieu of money –

    Just out of curiosity, do you have data which would tell us where and when the ratio to the national mean of compensation per worker of mean salaries for school teachers was below that for retail clerks?

    no Social security elegibility etc.

    I think Social Security in its initial conception covered everyone outside of agriculture, domestic service, and the self-employed.

    I have no interest in bashing teachers, Don L, but hear in New York, they (as do many public employees) commonly retire at 55 with agreeable pensions. Entry into the teaching profession is also restricted by the requirement that aspirants acquire academically dubious MEd. degrees if they are to be retained beyond a probationary term of years, which further inflates compensation. Neither circumstance is the norm for the general run of salaried employees in this state.

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