Farfour Mouse is Dead

Farfour Mouse was a popular character on the Tomorrow’s Pioneers show on the Hamas Al-Aqsa network in Gaza.  I say was, because as you can see in the above video an “Israeli” killed off the Mickey Mouse clone.  This kiddie-prop  reminded me of a real Disney cartoon, Education for Death, which appeared in 1943 and illustrated how the Nazis educated a child to grow up to be one of their Aryan supermen destined for death on one of the battlefields in Hitler’s War.

I will have to hand the Nazi’s one thing, their propaganda tended to have better production values.  The Hamas version definitely is hate propaganda for youngsters done on the cheap.  Here we have Farfour, before his “martyrdom”, telling his kiddie viewers of the necessity of fighting the Jews.  

If Yeats were still with us, I think he would be able to write a few more stanzas to his poem Second Coming after witnessing Farfour Mouse attempting to loosen the blood dimmed tide in his young viewers, while drowning their innocence in hate.

2 Responses to Farfour Mouse is Dead

  1. American Knight says:

    Is it a surprise that a fascist/socialist movement uses the same techniques as its predecessors? Hamas uses quite bit of Nazi symbolism. This is not unusual among pagan/pederast cultures. If America truly wanted to ‘spread democracy’ across the globe – how about liberating children from this kind of psychological warfare – and I’m not just talking about the Palestinian children – I am including all those poor kids in America’s government schools too.

  2. RL says:

    This is the type of thing you would hope would be an SNL sketch – akin to Jeff Dunham’s dead terrorist bit. It being genuine only demonstates the pathology of that culture. It wrenches the heart when you think of the innocence lost to a generation or more of children and the despair of there ever being peace in that region. Nothing but an endless cycle of violence and death.

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