My Spiritual Journey

The spiritual journey that I have been experiencing these many years all started with a prayer to our Holy Mother of God.  Because of her I have had the great fortune of living the beauty of our Catholic faith and the joy of knowing Jesus our Lord and Savior.

Of course there have been many tribulations and trials involving great material loss as well as humiliation.  All of which had been necessary for me to grow in faith, hope, and charity.

Learning to embrace my crosses have transformed me from a shallow, egotistical, and materialistic Catholic to a God fearing Christian.

This journey towards alter Christus are difficult to put into anymore words, suffice to say they have been the best years of my life!

Which brings us to Anno Domini 2010.

This year has been a great transition for me in many ways.  Having learned to embrace my crosses, my faith in God has continued to grow exponentially.

To express these changes in a small way I have changed my gravatar from El Greco’s el entierro del Conde de Orgaz to Saint Pio of Pietrelcina, better known as Padre Pio.

My old gravatar is actually a small section of El Greco’s greatest masterpiece, Conde de Orgaz.

Orgaz is the ancestral home of my mother’s family where a decisive battle determined that the fate of Spain would return to Christendom what the Muslim interlopers took from us centuries before.

Thus the gravatar represented my familial pride of this great history.

Due to my transformation into a God fearing Christian, the Padre Pio gravatar has replaced the Conde Orgaz gravatar which better represents who I am and what I am striving for, ie, alter Christus.

Thank you for reading my story and please pray for me as I continue on my spiritual journey happily carrying my cross.

In Jesus, Mary, & Joseph,


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