Happy Father’s Day

We Dads are a fairly simple lot, most of us.  Just feed us a good meal and give us some peace and quiet, and most of us will be quite happy today.  Besides, for most fathers every day is Father’s Day, as we quietly thank God for giving us that honor and that responsibility.

2 Responses to Happy Father’s Day

  1. Karl says:

    For some if us it is a very mixed day due to divorce and the support of the Church for our adulterous spouses and their lovers, which encourages unending loss of faith in our children(and ourselves) as well as confusion, divided loyalties and often, very unhealthy life styles.

    I am grateful for my parents and, especially today, for my father who was baptized in the Episcopal Church, raised, essentially, as a Presbyterian and died receiving a Catholic burial. He was always there.

    God bless you, Dad. I love you.

  2. kkollwitz says:

    I can even skip the good meal and have leftovers as long as there is peace and quiet.

    And my children are doing what they’re supposed to be doing, which has nothing to do with Father’s Day.

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