Smart Donkey and Dumb Donkey

The antics of our unofficial national clown continues.  Thank you for always being willing to create comedic situations to lighten our mood Mr. Vice President in these dire economic times.  Additionally, rest assured that no one will ever call you a smart “donkey”.

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2 Responses to Smart Donkey and Dumb Donkey

  1. Teresa says:

    Biden is the gift that keeps on giving.

  2. Donna V. says:

    I have a new local hero! This provides me with another excuse to visit Kopps, a Milwaukee treasure. ( My sister had the place on speed dial when she was pregnant and ‘eating for two’ so she could quickly find out what the flavor of the day was. Some commentators on other sites understandably, but wrongly, have mistaken “frozen custard” for pie of some sort. To those who have never had the good fortune to eat Wisconsin frozen custard, think of the richest, smoothest, creamiest ice cream imaginable. Now triple that richness and you have frozen custard.)

    I would not be at all surprised if the manager is soon notified of an upcoming IRS audit. Daring to ask for lower taxes – why, clearly, this uppity peasant doesn’t realize what’s good for him.

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