Al Franken Takes a Nap During Elena Kagan Testimony

Senator Al Franken’s visits to Dave Letterman’s Late Show is taking a toll on him.

As far as Miss Kagan’s assertion on the monopoly of truth or wisdom, it’s apparent that God has no role in her life whatsoever.

6 Responses to Al Franken Takes a Nap During Elena Kagan Testimony

  1. Donald R. McClarey says:

    I can’t blame the evil clown for falling asleep as Kagan rattles on, and I would suggest to him that he might consider doing it whenever he sets foot on the Senate floor.

  2. Teresa says:

    I can understand why Franken ended up falling asleep. Between him closing his eyes to avoid looking at Fred Flintstone’s twin looking like she’s filled with indigestion and the whole charade being etremely boring what could one expect of Al Franken?

  3. T. Shaw says:

    Nothing but the best and the brightest . . .

  4. restrainedradical says:

    They should all put their prepared statements up on YouTube and be done with it.

  5. Blackadder says:

    I fell asleep just watching that clip.

  6. John Henry says:

    I’ve been known to fall asleep during boring and/or bad movies; confirmation theater is even less entertaining.

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