Stallone, Schwarzenegger, and Willis Together Finally

Sly, Ahnold, and Bruno finally make my dream action flick I’ve been waiting for since the 1980’s called the Expendables.

Unfortunately, Ahnold and Bruce only make a cameo appearance.  But the film is packed with 80’s and contemporary action stars, from Dolph Lundgren to the under-rated Jason Statham.

The rest of the film looks real good, so I’ll be watching this movie at my first opportunity.

Here is a preview from Reuters:

It is the action hero dream team. Sylvester Stallone will shoot a scene with Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger soon for his upcoming adventure “The Expendables,” due to hit theatres in 2010.

The man behind the successful Rambo and Rocky franchises has also brought Jason Statham, Jet Li, Mickey Rourke and Dolph Lundgren on board for the story of a team of mercenaries who head to South America on a mission to overthrow a dictator.

“Arnold, Bruce and I will be working together for the first time, maybe in two weeks, so I had to grow back my beard and get ready to film it in Los Angeles,” Stallone told reporters at the Venice film festival where he is receiving a special award.

“It’s very difficult to get us all together at the same time. It’s impossible to get all those egos in the same room,” the 63-year-old joked.

He said The Expendables would seek to put some of the punch back into action movies in an era when computer generated effects are increasingly dominating the genre.

“I wanted to do a film that was more about men and just doing things that we did back in the ’80s and ’90s with films that were a little bit more men on men, and actual physical stunts and also a story that isn’t super-gigantic.

“And the thing was to find certain personalities that never would ever work together normally and put them altogether. It’s like a dream team.”

He also spoke about his next Rambo venture, the fifth in the series, which will enter the realms of science and technology.

“I don’t want to keep repeating myself and just doing films about war,” said Stallone. “This is a very psychological film about sophisticated man fighting primitive man.

“It’s actually possible today, with all the cloning and stem cell research, to actually have some experiments that don’t work very well and get out of control.”

Read the rest here.

8 Responses to Stallone, Schwarzenegger, and Willis Together Finally

  1. Donald R. McClarey says:

    Stop beating around the bush Tito! We all know the real question here! Who would win in a fight: Rambo, the Terminator or the cop from Die Hard? One of the burning unresolved philosophical questions from the last century!

  2. Teresa says:

    This movie is a must see for me. That’s a hard one to answer Don. My pick is Rambo. I have to be honest my favorite isn’t among the actors- Chuck Norris. I believe that Chuck could kick all their butts.

  3. Tito Edwards says:

    It’s a draw between Ahnold and Sly.

    I just find it hard to see an NYP hardcase beat up on two weapons and survival experts.

    As for Chuck, that’s a different universe.

  4. American Knight says:

    Wow, that is great news. I usually can’t bother with the expense, dirt, noise, crowds of a movie theater, but for this I will make an exception. But that question. Tough.

    I think that the Terminator can be defeated – after all Sarah Connor ‘killed’ him once, in the past, or is that the future? Whatever. As for Rambo and McClane, I suppose that has to do with the setting. I mean Rambo ran circles around Brian Dennehy and David Addison couldn’t stand a chance against him, but McClane, he is more like Rocky, he keeps getting his behind kicked, he bleeds, he gets knocked down and yet he keeps coming. Drago said of Rocky, “He’s not human. He’s like a piece of Iron.”

    Rambo is better than Commando.
    Arnold did beat the Predator, but I think Rambo can take the Terminator.
    Cobra would lose to McClane.
    Since McClane is more like Rocky than Rambo is – I give it to John McClane – yippee ki-yay!

    In any event, I am pretty sure that Clint Eastwood could beat any of them. And we all know that John Wayne kicks Eastwood’s behind.

    So the winner is Hondo or Rooster G.

  5. T. Shaw says:

    From Rick Atksinson’s second ETO book, a GI (in Naples) asked Bogart how he could buy a pistol like the one Bogie used in “Sahara” that could fire 16 shots without reloading. Bogie said, “Hollywood is a wonderful place.” That was before the Glock 9mm.

  6. c matt says:

    Wayne? Are you kidding me?

    “You feeling lucky, punk?!?”

  7. hi folks i cannot wait 4 the expendables to come out! It’s going to be awsum!

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